Quick Demo of FMG’s Platform

July 12, 2023, 10:00 am

Tune in to hear from one of our most successful advisors, Doug Howes of Sapphire Wealth Management. In this webinar, Doug shared how he has leveraged FMG to significantly increase engagement with clients and prospects - and drive new business!

In this quick demo, Doug Howes and Susan Theder share the specific ways Doug has leveraged FMG to ramp up his marketing success. They talked about how the FMG platform works and shared specific details on:
  • Why Doug chose the “Do It For Me” (DIFM) program and the impact he’s seen from it
  • How analytics are used to drive decision making (including how the DIFM program has doubled his impressions on social media and emails are seeing >50% open rates 👏)
  • The content library and the content mix Doug uses to drive this high engagement
  • How to use FMG’s Events feature to manage and promote events including pre-built webinars/seminars/client events with scripts and handouts and pre-built promotional sequences
  • A look inside the FMG mobile app and what Doug loves about it
“There’s one commodity or currency out there that I can’t create more of, and that’s time. This is the first time where I’ve entered into a program and it’s saved me time. I can then invest wherever I want to in my life. Either way it’s the most valuable currency I have, that I can’t create more of.”  - Doug Howes

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