What Our “Do It For Me” Program is Really Like with Beth Blecker

March 06, 2024, 11:00 am

Tune in to hear from a successful advisor, Beth Blecker of Eastern Planning Inc., as she shares how she has leveraged FMG to significantly increase engagement with clients and prospects while driving new business.

In this quick demo, Beth Blecker and Susan Theder share the specific ways that Beth has leveraged FMG to ramp up her marketing success. They talked about how the FMG platform works and shared specific details on:
  • Why Beth chose the “Do It For Me” (DIFM) program and the impact she’s seen from it
  • How Beth has saved time and money using the “Do It For Me” program
  • The content library and the content mix Beth uses to drive this high engagement
  • How to use FMG’s social media posts with our Canva integration to boost engagement and online presence – and more!

“As far as social media goes, I know that my clients are looking because the ones that are connected, I see them looking and commenting. I’m getting much more views on my LinkedIn and Facebook now. 90% of my growth comes from client referrals. I will guarantee you that of the referrals who call my office, 90% of them have been on my social pages. If my website was boring and old, I don’t know if they would call me. I feel that is where it’s helping.” - Beth Blecker

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