Why Advisors Do Social Media Wrong (And How You Can Get it Right)

April 27, 2023, 11:00 am

Are you tired of feeling like your social media strategy isn’t producing the results you want as a financial advisor? You’re not alone. Many advisors struggle to achieve their desired outcomes from social media. But if you’re looking to do more with your social media presence, we’ve got you covered.

In this webinar, Chief Evangelist, Samantha Russell and Stacy Havener, Founder & CEO of Havener Capital Partners, share their insights on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media strategy. You’ll learn from their own experiences and real-life examples of how to grow your social network.
 Creating and Using a Personal Brand Versus a Corporate Brand [10:24]

Creating and Using a Personal Brand Versus a Corporate Brand [10:24]

  • It is important to have both a company page and a personal page.
  • Remember that “people do business with people,” so personal pages will get more engagement naturally than brand pages.
  • With a personal page, you can share and engage with the business, which will allow you to draw more attention to your brand.
  • Remember to set up a strong headshot image and banner, write a great headline, personalize your LinkedIn URL and turn your summary into a story.

Getting More Engagement [28:54]

Getting More Engagement [28:54]

  • How you show up and interact with your audience is even more important than what you post.
  • Think about the 80/20 rule…for every one post that you do, you should comment on (at least) five other posts. Don’t “post and ghost,” since social media is all about being SOCIAL.
  • Remember that “comments are currency,” so try to get as many comments as quickly as you can on your posts.
  • When you write content in a way that is interesting and compelling and find the right audience, then you can start to create content that really resonates.

Lead Generation and How to Get More of It [39:26]

Lead Generation and How to Get More of It [39:26]

  • Social media is not only a great way to create more brand awareness, but it also can drive leads.
  • Social media is no longer just a “nice to have” but a true way to generate more business.
  • By consistently posting valuable content on social media, you’ll stay top of mind when potential clients are looking for a financial advisor.
  • Find your niche and create the type of content that caters to them.
  • Find your “true fans” and think about the niche that you have built. If you really want to do this well…you have to “repel” some leads while focusing on the ones that are best for your business.

The Types of Messaging that Really Works [47:43]

The Types of Messaging that Really Works [47:43]

  • The “old way” of messaging includes teasing the content and sharing a link.
  • The “new way” is where advisors give all the information upfront so that their audience doesn’t even have to leave the post to learn something new. This is known as “zero-click content” and is growing rapidly in popularity.

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