Financial advisors who want to grow their business and increase their AUM need to learn about PPC advertising. Investing in paid ads has gone from an alternative growth strategy to a necessary one. While advertising in traditional print media has served financial advisors well for a long time, that age is coming to an end. The circulation of physical print media is down to its lowest level since 1940

With analog media plummeting in popularity, digital advertising is the way of the future. Even the most old-school advisors are starting to see that online advertising isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.

PPC and Your Client Journey 

Pay-per-click advertising will help financial advisors get in front of the right audience and lead them to engage the advisor. This process is called a client journey. 

The essential customer journey consists of three phases:

  1. Awareness – A new prospect becomes aware of the financial advisor and their brand.
  2. Consideration – The prospect investigates and evaluates the financial advisor’s digital presence.
  3. Decision – The prospect analyzes the collected information and decides whether to engage the advisor or not. 

Step 1 – Awareness

The first step of the customer journey is when you get on their radar. There is a lot of noise in the digital world, and it can be challenging to get your signal through it all. Using PPC to expose your brand to new investigators is a powerful marketing strategy.

Use Ad Extensions to Promote an Ebook

An investigator becomes a prospect once they trust you enough to give you their information. They will only do this if they feel you have presented an excellent case to justify them doing so. Offering a high-quality piece of content, like an ebook, is one of the best ways to make it more likely that an investigator will take your call to action.

When creating your pay-per-click advertisement, you will have the option of using paid search extensions, which allow you to highlight your website’s specific pages rather than just the site itself. This is a fantastic tool to promote an ebook or other high-value offering to your existing paid searches. Inviting someone to download an ebook is an excellent way for the investigator to learn more about you without feeling they are committing to anything too serious. LinkedIn and Facebook also provide handy tools for driving traffic to your ebook download.

Step 2 – Consideration

The Internet has given consumers a lot of power when investigating the brands they want to engage in – especially when it comes to skilled service professionals like financial advisors. Using PPC to help present your brand and evidence of your successful performance will ultimately lead to them engaging your services.

Use Countdowns to Promote a Webinar 

One practical use for PPC advertising is to drive leads to sign up for a live event like a webinar or in-person seminar. You can make the ad even more effective by adding a countdown timer to the event. As the time grows nearer, the perceived value of the event increases. No one wants to miss out on something valuable!

Giving prospects a chance to interact with you live is an excellent chance for them to evaluate how it would be to work with you. Present on a topic based on what you feel your ideal client would be most interested in learning. Then use the keywords from the title as the targeting words for your PPC advertising. 

Step 3- Decision

After enough consideration comes the moment when a prospect either becomes a client or goes another way. In this stage, you’ll be compared with competitors and judged on your merits. PPC can help make sure that the final decision goes your way and your ideal prospects make the move to become satisfied clients.

Maintain Your Search Results Ranking by Running a Brand Campaign

At this stage, your brand value is a crucial factor in the prospect’s decision-making process. PPC can help present your company in such a way as to increase the chances that you will be the prospect’s final choice. One effective strategy for this is to run a brand campaign.

Brand campaigns help you own your company name online. By targeting your brand name, you ensure that your company will appear higher on Search Results Pages (SRPs). There is always the possibility that your competitors might be running ads against you. Running a brand campaign ensures they won’t unseat your SRP ranking.

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