When you search using Google, you’ve probably seen the ads at the top and side of the resulting pages. Those are paid ads that put brands like yours front and center for relative searches. That means Google Ads for financial services target users who are curious about, interested in, or even ready to purchase financial services. The best part? Google Ads help financial advisors jump start their digital marketing by generating leads more quickly than organic marketing using SEO. 

While Google Ads for financial advisors can help build your brand and generate leads quickly, social media marketing requires a certain level of investment to achieve the best results. But because Google Ads, Facebook marketing, and your other PPC channels should work together in a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can still spread your ad spend across multiple channels to achieve your goals. Here’s how financial advisors can use Google Ads to grow their book of business.  


How to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads Using Google Ads for Financial Advisors


  • Find Your Niche


Targeted social media marketing is all about finding your niche. You’ve heard this before, but maybe you’re hesitant to adopt it for your financial services marketing. In an FMG Suite webinar, a Madera, CA-based advisor, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, puts it this way: “If you think having a niche is not going to help you, then you have a misunderstanding of how brands work.”

He’s absolutely right. Clients want to know their potential financial advisor understands who they are, what they need, and how to help them reach their unique financial goals. 


  • Impress Your Audience


While finding your niche can help fine-tune your marketing, it’s not a magic bullet for driving traffic and generating leads. That’s because no matter how narrow your niche, you’ll always have competitors across all your marketing channels. If you want your Google Ads to stand out from the rest of the financial services ads, your ads need to dress to impress. 

Put the spotlight on your advisory’s unique selling points and use language that resonates with your target audience. The perfect “outfit” for an eye-catching Google Ads is one that turns heads with a mix of professionalism and relatability.  



  • Attract Ideal Clients with Lead Magnets


You found your niche and impressed your audience — now what? If you’ve done it right so far, you should have a good stream of quality leads who are ready to get started. But what about those who need a nudge to get them moving toward conversion? To bring tentative prospects into your sales funnel, you need lead generating ebooks to get them off the fence.

Lead magnets use gated content and other attractive offerings to get your site visitors to sign up or learn more by submitting their contact information. You can then use that information to guide your future client along their journey to becoming your next ideal client. 



  • Build Targeted Landing Pages


Targeting doesn’t end with your niche marketing. To get the most out of your Google Ads, you must direct your audience to landing pages that are just as targeted as the ads you’ve used to attract them. When you direct traffic from your Google Ads to landing pages that are consistent with the ad messaging, you reassure your visitors that they are on the right path. 

Build targeted landing pages that share common branding elements such as colors and graphics with your Google Ads. Most importantly, create landing pages that feel like a natural progression from your ads using specific keywords and language. 



  • Review, Revise, and Repeat


As with any marketing channel, what you do with data created by your marketing efforts is a crucial step. Investing in Google Ads and other PPC platforms without reviewing performance is like playing a football game without keeping score. No marketer gets it right on the first try. 

If you want to build your niche brand, you have to know the score and adjust your game plan accordingly. The analytics built into Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms give you the tools you need to reach your ideal market more often. If you want to make the most of your ad spend, review, revise, and repeat to refine your target audience even further

When you’re investing in Google Ads and other marketing channels, your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your financial advisor website or landing pages. Once you get them there, you can use engaging content and user-friendly interfaces to help them move closer to conversion. 


The power of Google Ads for financial services is undeniable, and we can help you harness that power with a dedicated financial advisor marketing platform, Attract™. From finding your niche to ad spend analytics, FMG Suite has you covered. Get a demo today and get ready to grow your business with a steady stream of leads.