Social media is a giant in the marketing industry, and most major companies or businesses use it. It’s not hard to see why when over 3.9 billion people hop onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. As a financial advisor, you should use social media to connect and engage with your audience and prospective clients.

Sharing content related to your business is the standard for most advisors – blogs, articles, podcast promos, ebooks and more all make their way to social media. Content like this is critical to demonstrating your expertise. But it shouldn’t be the only content you’re sharing.

To really make your brand stand out, you need to include personal content.

This blog will help you show off your firm’s personality, with 6 ideas for personal posts. Read on to learn more and discover how you can showcase your brand.

1. Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting and fun time for most people so companies tend to project that same energy to their audience. It’s a great way to engage with customers who are looking forward to the holidays. A common but very effective practice is for companies to ask a question such as “What are your plans for Christmas, 4th of July, etc?” People enjoy talking about plans they’re excited about so it’s easy to get social media conversations started this way.

To make it even more personal, feel free to bring in your employees (if they’re willing) and have them share their plans for the holidays. It’s pretty likely that a couple of users will be doing the same thing and that will make a great entry point for meaningful engagement. The point of these posts is to make use of people’s love and excitement for holidays and share in their happiness. It has nothing to do with selling a product or service, just people being people and taking part in each other’s joy.

Remember, these types of posts will leave a lasting impression so make it a good one!

2. Share Your Excitement for the Things You Enjoy

This type of social media post focuses on the excitement users get from their daily lives. Including things they’re looking forward to, things they just recently did, and more. You can also include things that make you happy. Whether it’s a poem, saying, or a joke. It’s always a great idea to share your personality.

The great thing about posts like these is that you’re able to ask general questions like “Anyone doing something exciting or fun this weekend?” or more specific ones. Many financial advisors will be able to make use of local events such as concerts, fairs, and more to further personalize their questions. Events aren’t the only thing suitable for these types of posts. If there are any movies, music releases, tv shows, or video games coming out, use those as a talking point.

3. Emphasize Your Events

With over 3.9 billion people on social media, it’s likely that someone has a big event coming up. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or a big trip for work. These are exciting times for users and many people can likely relate which is why it’s shared. It’s important for advisors to remember that personal life events are worth bringing up. It gets people talking and genuinely engages those who may or may not be able to relate.

These are the posts that can separate companies that care about their employees from those that don’t. If an employee has an important event coming up in their life, make a post about it (with employee permission) and show genuine interest in that event. If someone is getting married, congratulate them and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Is an employee having a baby? Make a lighthearted joke such as “Help us welcome our newest team member starting in the baby finances division.” Take these life events and turn them into a talking point to get clients and prospects engaged.

Let your audience know that your brand cares about the things happening in people’s lives. You’re not just there to provide a service or sell a product, but to take part in conversations and enjoy the company of other social media users.

4. Hand Off Your Hobbies

Personals touches are what help businesses highlight their brand. When it comes to financial advisors, it’s never a bad idea to bring personality to the forefront. You have to remember, as an advisor you’re competing against thousands and even tens of thousands of other advisors. Hobbies are a great way to show off your company spirit.

There are so many different hobbies, that it isn’t hard to find something to talk about. It helps to know your audience when crafting social media posts about hobbies. For example, if your target audience is millennials, try finding a show or sport that is popular with them. Make a post about it and watch as the engagement grows exponentially. But don’t just share what you have found to be popular, show off your team members’ hobbies. Whether that be a craft they made, a sports team they’re on, or photos they took of nature.

Letting your audience know that the people on your team have their own hobbies and likes is important to prove that you’re not just a business. Your brand is more than just trying to sell them your financial services. It’s a group of people who want to engage with you and ensure that you’re treated the way you deserve to be.

5. The Pop Culture Phenomenon

Pop culture has become a phenomenon in the marketing space, with a whopping 28% of brands referencing pop culture in their marketing campaigns. It could be anything from the current big show, the state of the fashion industry, and what music is topping the charts. Also known as mass culture, pop culture is the merging of different practices, beliefs, and objects that are dominant in society at a given time. As a financial advisor, it’s a great idea to use pop culture to further showcase your brand.

The best way to take make use of the pop culture phenomenon is to find out what your target audience finds interesting and use it when posting on social media. For example, doing something as simple as mentioning the show in relation to your industry works wonders. Or even just talking about the show, maybe how a recent episode was crazy (without spoiling of course). Show off that the people in your company have interests that contribute to creating a brand.

6. Meme It Up

Finally, we can talk about memes. One of the internet’s favorite forms of comedy. Memes are humorous images, videos or pieces of text that are copied and spread by internet users. Brands have been using memes for the past couple of years to create intrigue around their brand. Whether the memes are about the company itself or just a pop culture reference. If done right, the traction that they create can be massive, even possibly going viral.

The great thing about memes is that you don’t have to create them yourself, feel free to peruse the internet to find something you find humorous. Or if you’re feeling creative, take a swing at making your own, even try incorporating your brand into the joke. The goal of posting a meme is to create a fun atmosphere, so it’s always a good idea to keep them lighthearted and appropriate for everyone.


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