Financial advisors are always looking for new ways to boost their social media lead generation, but that can be easier said than done. This article will provide tips and strategies that advisors can use to boost their social media lead generation.

Social media is a critical component of a successful financial advisor marketing strategy. The medium has proven to be a lead generator that helps advisors gain new clients — and its effectiveness increases year after year. Financial advisors who have learned how to generate leads from social media know that it’s all about how financial advisors use social media that makes the difference. Plastering your brand across the internet without a proven strategy will not get you more leads — at least not the ones who will convert. 

Getting more qualified leads with social media marketing means consistent posting that promotes your advisory using valuable content and engaging graphics. It means creating enough interest from your audience that drives them to your landing page or website to learn more. So how do you design, post, and engage when you’re so busy? 

Here are 6 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies for Financial Advisors:

1. Use Engaging Content and Automation

The main goal of social media is to connect with friends and family, but that doesn’t mean business has no place in the social media ecosystem. What matters is how advisors go about doing their business. Instead of constantly advertising your services, create and use engaging content to engage followers and create conversations. This can be anything from social posts, videos, articles, images, etc. The main goal of social media is to grow your following and make meaningful connections. What’s great about this goal is that advisors can use this to generate leads and grow their advisory.

At FMG, we help financial advisors use social media to build and maintain an online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant social media platforms. Creating great content from pre-written, compliant social posts that include professional videos and other engaging content is easier than ever. Plus, your advisory can develop and implement social media campaigns more often and with less effort, thanks to our automated marketing that includes social media scheduling and posting. 

2. Take Advantage of Paid Social Ads

Paid advertising can also boost your social media lead-generation efforts with targeted ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a cost-effective and easy way to jumpstart your advisory’s social media marketing. Using your advisory website as a springboard, our PPC for financial advisors service boosts your brand online using local search campaigns, retargeting ads, and other proven social media lead generators. 

3. Use Testimonials as Social Proof

Many businesses rely on word of mouth or reviews to help push prospects to use their services or products. This is because customer stories and testimonials can be the pushing power you need to acquire new leads and convert current ones. Being able to showcase what makes you a great financial advisor from a customer perspective will demonstrate your value.

With the impact of video in recent years, advisors have begun using video testimonials as social proof. In fact, according to Wyzowl, two out of three people are more likely to buy something after watching a testimonial video that shows how a business, product, or service helped them.

4. Make Use of Targeted Ads and Include Special Offers

Using paid ads can help financial advisors increase their lead generation, but it can be even more effective if used correctly. For this strategy, it’s important to further capture your target market’s attention by including special offers or deals tailored to them. This can be done by promoting content on certain subject matters, providing limited-time offers, and offering special discounts.

One of the most popular forms of this is to offer free services on a trial basis hoping to get them hooked so they want to stay with you. Many subscription services do this by providing 14 days free, and then after that, they begin to charge.

The main takeaway from this strategy is to use special offers tailored to your target market to get them more interested. From there, you delight them with your services and get them to stay on as a client.

5. Host Virtual Events

Hosting events is a great way to show current clients that you appreciate them, but it’s also an amazing way to generate leads. The problem is that hosting events in person isn’t always in the book for all advisors. That’s why we recommend hosting virtual events. These events will not only attract the audience you’re targeting but also help establish your authority in the field. Make these events a wonderful place to generate leads, especially if you’re asking them to provide their info for sign-ups or to join the event.

For example. some events you could host virtually include:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Movie Nights
  • Game Shows

Once your event is over, you can reuse the recordings for even more content.

6. Build a Community Around Your Social Media

Building a strong sense of community is what helps keep a lot of local advisors in business. This is why the same ideas can be translated into social media for advisors looking to generate more leads. Social media provides advisors with ways to communicate with clients and leads while also boosting visibility and reach. Building an online community around your social media can make a big difference for your business and help sustain yourself for future markets.

If you want to use social media to generate more leads and expand your following, here’s how you can do it:

  • Be the host for social conversations. Host conversations and unite community members through common interests.
  • Give community members an incentive to participate. Showcase social followers and give back to members who go above and beyond in your community.
  • Build up your relationships with customers. Interact with your followers and get to know them better by adding personal touches and listening.
  • Provide your followers with a voice. Allow your community members to share their views and opinions in a space where they feel comfortable doing it.

Now, with a strong social media community, you’ll be able to increase your reach and generate more leads. Use these tips to continue to grow a loyal customer base and reach new prospects.

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