If you know how to use it correctly, social media can be one of the most effective ways to connect with clients, improve your online presence, and attract new leads.Watch this webinar for expert insights on how to maximize your social media profiles and attract new leads.

We’ll cover critical social media lead generation topics, including how to:

  • Create posts that engage your audience.
  • Run paid social media ads.
  • Grow your following on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Financial Advisors Using Social Media Get More Leads

Social media is a critical component of a successful financial advisor marketing strategy. The medium has proven to be a lead generator that helps advisors gain new clients — and its effectiveness increases year after year. Financial advisors who have learned how to generate leads from social media know that it’s all about how financial advisors use social media that makes the difference. Plastering your brand across the internet without a proven strategy will not get you more leads — at least not the ones who will convert. 

Getting more qualified leads with social media marketing means consistent posting that promotes your advisory using valuable content and engaging graphics. It means creating enough interest from your audience that drives them to your landing page or website to learn more. So how do you do all this designing, posting, and engaging when you’re so busy? 

You don’t. Instead, you let FMG Suite do what we do best — help advisors grow their business with automated marketing and social media solutions. We’ll automatically share posts to your social media platforms, and help set up your website and landing pages to work in harmony as a lead-generation machine that helps convert more clients.

Engaging Content and Automation

We help financial advisors using social media build and maintain an online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant social media platforms. From pre-written, compliant social posts that include professional video and other engaging content, creating great content is easier than ever. Plus, your advisory can develop and implement social media campaigns more often and with less effort thanks to our automated marketing that includes social media scheduling and posting. 

Paid Social Media Ads

Paid advertising can also boost your social media lead generation efforts with targeted ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a cost-effective and easy way to jumpstart your advisory’s social media marketing. Using your advisory website as a springboard, our PPC for financial advisors service boosts your brand online using local search campaigns, retargeting ads, and other proven social media lead generators. 

Whether you want more success with social media B2B lead generation or B2C, you can learn how to generate leads from social media more often. If you’d like to learn more about the FMG Suite social media tools and other ways to grow your firm, get a demo today!