For our latest Financial Advisor Website Showcase, we are joined by James. M Comblo, CEO of FSC Wealth Advisors. James has seen some amazing results from his updated FMG website.

What we love about the website:

  • Captivating Value Proposition: From the moment you land on the website, the value proposition is clear, compelling, and grabs your attention. The consistent and captivating imagery also sets the tone, encouraging the viewer to click around and explore further.
  • Client-Centric Copy: The website copy goes above and beyond by prioritizing client goals and questions they often receive. It highlights plans and services that align with their specific needs, ensuring the viewer feels understood and empowered to achieve their objectives.
  • Value-Focused: The website strikes a perfect balance by offering a wide range of services without overwhelming you. By pinpointing and emphasizing the unique value each brings, it guides the viewer toward making an informed decision and, ultimately, reaching out.

James shares his backstory and experience with the website, which might just help inspire your next redesign.

1. Tell us about your firm. What is your story?

FSC Wealth Advisors was started by my grandfather in the 60s, and my uncle took over in the 80s. Initially, I didn’t plan to become an advisor. I had big dreams of being in the NFL. But when I met my wife, everything changed. I wanted to do something for myself that also supported our life together. So I chose to join the family business as an advisor in 2012 and continued on until becoming president and CEO in 2021.

We’ve made several changes to our business since 2021, going from being a traditional investment advisor to becoming a holistic financial planner with a focus on tax planning, investments, and estate planning. We know that every decision within a client’s plan has a ripple effect and have built our new process to ensure the well-being of our client’s finance in its entirety.

As for who we solve these problems for, we like to do complex planning, so we tend to focus on half a million to two million-plus clients. Blue-collar millionaires need help too!

2. What was the inspiration behind your website’s new design? What specific goals did you have in mind? 

Our new approach to planning inspired our site’s design. We wanted to create a clear message about who we are and who we serve, so turning our site into a lead magnet to direct visitors to the firm was critical.

As for specific goals, we wanted visitors to understand who we are as soon as they arrive at the homepage. But we didn’t want them to feel overwhelmed either. So our first goal became striking the right balance of information to drive engagement.

We also wanted visitors to feel like the main character in their story. So our second goal became focusing on the questions we receive every day – the questions that often keep clients up at night. We wanted to demonstrate our solutions to these questions throughout the site while emphasizing that all of our plans are personalized. It’s about providing a plan that matches our client’s personal goals, which is best reflected in our homepage message, “It’s your plan, we’ll help you build it.”

3. If you had to choose one aspect of your FMG site, what would you say is your favorite? 

We tend to view each part of our site as contributing to each visitor’s overall experience. So it’s hard to choose just one aspect. If we were to focus on an area, it would likely be our different service pages and FAQ page, as we want our visitors to feel like they’ve found the firm that fits them and their needs, and these pages are huge contributors to that experience.

4. Do you have any results you can share with us since launching your new site?

Since redesigning the site, a few particular success stories have stood out.  

The first was two high-net-worth clients that discovered our site through Google. Client one found us by searching “fiduciary in the area.” And after looking at five other websites, they arrived at ours and were impressed enough to reach out and, shortly after, become a client. Client two discovered us through their son, who found our website through a similar search and recommended us to his parents. We did a right fit call to determine the best advisor for their needs, and soon after, they joined us as well.

We have been very pleased with the site, and the performance has been exceeding our expectations. We’re excited to see the additional growth that comes in the future with the help of FMG’s platform. 

5. How do you differentiate yourself from other advisors in your area? Is there anything specific you do on your website to stand out? 

Being in New York, we knew we needed to do something to differentiate from other firms. So, we chose to focus on SEO. We did our keyword research and looked at what would work in our local area. We wanted to find options that stood out and feel the copy we’ve created helps accomplish that. As for specific pages, I think having FAQs in both blogs and website copy was key.

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