Your homepage is the most visited page on your website. So, it’s incredibly important that you create copy that draws in your audience and makes them want to stay on your website. In fact, the average visitor to your website spends less than 15 seconds on your site, so how exactly can you reel your visitors in for the long haul? These eight tips will help you to write more engaging copy for your advisory firm’s homepage.

8 Tips To Write Engaging Copy on Your Homepage

1. Clearly Explain What You Offer

If someone lands on your homepage with something specific in mind, you. need to ensure they will get what they came for. Make sure that you have incorporated this into your header or sub-header right on the hero image so that prospects don’t bounce because they weren’t able to figure out what you do. As you can see in the image below, Beyond Your Exit does a fantastic job of making its services clear.


2. Make Sure your Unique Value Proposition Is Clear

How do you differentiate yourself from others that offer the same service or product? Like any other industry, there is going to be a lot of competition, so you will want to set your brand apart using by highlighting your value proposition. You can start by telling people exactly what makes you different using your homepage copy. This will lessen the bounce rate as they will know if they should remain on your website.

The four steps for doing this are:

  1. Survey the competitive landscape
  2. Clearly identify your target market
  3. Identify your firm’s benefits
  4. Write it down

The video from Chief Evangelist of FMG , Samantha Russell, dives deeper into the top four elements that help create a strong UVP in the video below.


3. Ensure Your Content Is Scannable

Make sure your content is easy to scan and digest. People are busy, and they don’t have time to sit down and read a lot of words on your homepage. Make sure your content is broken down into headers that easily discuss each section and what you can expect. This will help your audience to know exactly what you do and who you serve right when they land on your page.

Tenon Financial has a great example of this on their website, as they break down their primary differentiators and services in the first few headers of their homepage copy.

4. Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are so important to drive more traffic to your website. and marketing your advisor firm. They quickly and easily boost your SEO rankings, as it tells your visitors what you do while also helping search engines to crawl your website easier. Retirement Security Planners, Inc. has included keywords that clearly stand out in their homepage copy and tell search engines and visitors what they do, which is comprehensive income planning, wealth preservation, and implementation.

5. Use Strong Calls To Action

A strong call to action is such an important part of your website. If you do not have effective ones on your website, then how will your audience know where to go next?  When done well, a CTA can give visitors that extra push that they need to find out more about your business and hopefully turn into a client eventually.

When it comes to creating a CTA that works, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your CTA is straightforward
  • It should stress the benefits to the user
  • It needs to be eye-catching so the visitor is compelled to take action
  • Place it in an easy-to-find location
  • Use action-oriented using verbs such as “download” or “register”
  • It should be large enough to see but not distracting

As you can see, Peabody Wealth Advisors has a simple CTA that stands out, “Discover What We’re About,” and then by scrolling down slightly, there is another CTA that shows visitors who they serve.

6. Make Sure Your Homepage Passes The 5-Second Rule

As we often mention, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website, meaning that you need to capture the attention of your audience quickly.

Initially, you go to a coffee shop or somewhere public and ask a stranger for just a minute of their time. After that, pull up your phone with your company’s website and then tell them that they have 5 seconds to figure out what your company does and then tell you what they think.

As you can see below, C.L. Sheldon & Company serves an incredibly unique niche while also passing the 5-second test. You can tell exactly who they serve based on every element, from homepage copy to imagery.

Not only does their homepage image tug at your heartstrings, but you can tell that they specialize in finances for both the active and retired military with their text, “Fee-only Financial Planning and Wealth Management For Active and Retired Military Members.”

You can tell by working with C.L. Sheldon & Company that you will be getting the type of financial assistance that you really need, especially for being a part of such a small niche.

7. Use Eye-Catching Imagery

Using strong imagery matters, as you want to capture the attention of your audience as soon as they land on your homepage. In fact, according to a recent MIT neuroscience study, they found that the human brain can process images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds or just over 1/100th of a second.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words!  So, make sure that you are including hero images and other important images on your homepage that not only contribute to the message of your firm but also catch the eye of your visitors. If they can immediately tell you correctly what your company does, that means that the website passes the test.

For example, this fun and eye-catching image on the “Our People” page of Windsor Private Wealth gives you an immediate sense of what it would be like to work with their team, while the copy beneath lets you know exactly what they do.

8. Include Social Proof

Social proof is such a useful part of your site, especially nowadays when the internet is so overcrowded. If you can show others that you are a reliable and trustworthy source, then this will be so important in showing that you are a firm that your audience will want to work with. In the image below,

Including this on your homepage helps your site to rank higher since visitors will see that these large publications found your firm credible enough to link back to their website. You only have to scroll down a little bit to see these publications and awards, so before prospects check out the rest of the site, they will already know that they are an established firm, thanks to the social proof.

And we love the incredibly unique way that Rx Wealth Advisors has chosen to show the publications where they have been mentioned. Visitors do not have to go down very far, and then they are met with the scrolling image that includes some very well-known and respected publications.

3 Additional Examples to Inspire Your Homepage Copy

1. Drucker Wealth

Drucker Wealth’s homepage copy lets visitors know that their financial future isn’t going to come on its own. That’s why they’re there to help.

“Your Financial Future Isn’t Going to Plan Itself. That’s where we come in.”

2. WealthKeel

Like Drucker, WealthKeel uses its copy to show off why they’re a good pick. With their help, you’ll reach your goals while they free up your time for more important things.

“Financial Planning for Gen X & Gen Y Physicians: Reach your financial goals and free up your time to focus on your family, your practice, and what you love most.”

3. Cordant Wealth Partners

Our next advisor, Cordant Wealth Partners, uses their homepage copy to show exactly who their services are for. They make it clear that they’re there to give financial advice to tech employees, along with what their services will provide and how they’ll help.

“Financial Advice for Tech Employees. Optimize Equity Comp. Lower Taxes. Make Work Optional.”

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