Grow Your Business with Email Marketing Content for Financial Advisors

No other digital marketing component beats great financial advisor email marketing content, either for client and prospect engagement or ROI. Your targeted audience prefers email for communication, and when you get the message right, you will tap into one of the most powerful tools for building strong relationships. To get your message across, a great email needs to be opened, read, and clicked on. Sounds simple, but there’s a blend of art and science needed to make it happen.

Email Marketing for the Finance Industry: The Big Three

Getting Your Email Opened

Email marketing in the finance industry isn’t that different from any other industry. The first objective is to get your emails opened. Half the battle is consistent contact and sending the right message to the right client or prospect at the right time. It all starts with segmenting your contacts with FMG Suite’s automated email system.


The rest is all about your subject line. The subject line should be short enough that your recipient can read the whole line at once. It should address a need or a benefit that is targeted to your specific recipient not only to serve them better, but also to show them you understand where they are in their client journey. Learn more about crafting subject lines that get emails opened.


Getting Your Email Read

Email marketing content is a sales tool, but keep in mind the content should be about providing solutions to your prospects’ or clients’ needs, and not all about you. Of course you want to point out why doing business with you is in their best interest, but the more you make your content about the recipient, the better. Emails that get read are personable, actionable, and, most of all, relevant. Start by addressing your email recipient by name and focus on using the second person to make it all about them. Keep your message short and sweet and address their pain points and needs.


Getting Click-Throughs

The end goal of any well-crafted marketing email is to entice the recipient to take action. Your emails should have a call to action that leads your prospect or client to dynamic content that addresses their needs with information and solutions tailored uniquely to them. A great call to action includes an attractive offer that is clearly stated and should be designed to add a sense of urgency.


Check out this short video to find out more about the best email content for building stronger relationships.



Learn About Email Marketing Dynamic Content for Financial Services

Dynamic content is content that guides your prospects and clients along the client journey. Depending on how your email recipient responds to calls to action and other opportunities, this type of content is an automated response to give them information that is tailored to their immediate needs. Not only does dynamic content fine-tune your recipients’ user experience, it leads to more conversions and helps your brand stand out in a competitive landscape.


We can help you build, manage, and send targeted messages that will strengthen client relationships. Whether it’s our library full of professionally crafted financial advisor email marketing content or your custom-built emails that promote your unique brand, FMG Suite has you covered. Find out what compliant-friendly, engaging emails can do for your marketing strategy with a free demo.