Multiple studies show that the most effective financial professionals “touch” their clients 12 to 18 times per year. This practice keeps the advisor in the forefront of clients’ minds so they are more likely to mention the advisor when a referral opportunity arrives. It also helps improve client satisfaction and increase client awareness of other services advisors offer, resulting in increased business. But who has time to meet with or call each client more than once a month?

This is where email marketing comes into play. An email newsletter touches and educates clients and is easily forwardable to referrals. If you aren’t sending a monthly newsletter to all of your clients, partners, and prospects, it’s time to get started.

The Power of Email Marketing

Need more proof about how effective email marketing is? Check out these 7 email marketing statistics:

1. Email marketing yields:

An average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. This means that email marketing has a wonderful ROI. Making it easy and affordable for financial advisors to grow their businesses without heavy risks. Knowing the ROI stats will allow the financial advisor to choose what work best for them, but they’ll always know that email marketing has an overall great return on any investment they put into it, whether it’s large or small.

2. Email conversion rates:

Conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in conversion. Better conversion rates equal a higher uptick in potential clients. Emails work well because it provides readers with a good amount of information without overloading them.

3. 73% of marketers:

Agree that email marketing is core to their business. With almost 3/4 of the marketing world vouching for email marketing, it’s hard to argue against using it.

4. 66% of consumers:

Have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail marketing message. Email is a great way to convince readers to take action on a service or a product as it gives them the push they need either by providing them with crucial information that’s quick to read through or a deal that they don’t want to miss out on.

5. 67% of marketers:

Say that email is key for attracting and engaging prospects and the best path to increase marketing ROI. Being able to increase ROI with such a low investment is great for any business. Financial advisors should take advantage of this well-known tactic to increase their ROI and boost their business growth. 

6. You are:

6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet. Showing once again that email marketing can be much more powerful than social media. It’s even further enhanced by the point that it’s easier to send emails than to ensure people read your tweets or other social media posts.

7. 91% of people:

Check their email at least once a day. That’s billions of people who actively check their email at least once a day. Meaning your potential audience is massive, even taking account of your niches. 

Authentic and Timely Communication Made Easy

Poor communication is the number one reason clients leave their financial advisors. We offer tools, templates, and content to make connecting with prospective clients and nurturing existing ones easier than ever.

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