Each month, we collect our most recent updates into a blog post for you to explore. Discover our latest content, product updates, and resources below.


Beyond our weekly and monthly market insights, we have new content available, including:


  • Inside Inflation (Timely Piece)
  • Holiday Shopping (Timely Piece)
  • What’s Happening in 2022? (Timely Piece)
  • Fed Speak 
  • Outlook 2022
  • Don’t Fight the Fed
  • New Client Onboarding (email sequence containing 6 emails)


  • Safeguard Your Digital Estate (Video of the Month)
  • Finding the Balance


  • Pre-Retiree Primer
  • We also released a New Year campaign back in December, just in time for the holidays. 

Product Updates

Our team is constantly hard at work updating our products to help you establish the world-class marketing you deserve. Here’s a rundown of this month’s updates: 


  • Content Library Update: Web Content (Articles) and Emails can now be downloaded from the Content Library as Word Documents. 
  • Improvements to Custom Social Post Tool: Improvements have been made to our custom social post tool by adjusting our image resizing rules to improve image quality in social posts. 
  • Mobile App Updates: Mobile App users can now create custom social posts where only premade content could be used before. Users will now also see a “Shared” tag on content that has already been used. 
  • Refreshed Weekly Market Insights: Our Weekly Market Insights now have a fresh look, plus we now offer banner options as a downloadable.
  • Replaced Social Post Preview Modal: The social post preview modal in the Content Library has been replaced. One of the biggest advantages of this change is the inclusion of links in a preview, providing users with a better idea of what a post might look like before it goes live. 
  • Updates to Custom Email Builder: Text alignment improvements have been made in our custom email builder. Previously, alignment options were hidden with settings. Now, alignment options can be found alongside other text formatting options. 
  • Added Curator Filters: Filters have been added to Curator for desktop, allowing advisors to curate content based on professional and personal interests, similar to what’s available in our mobile app.