We get it. The idea of business directories, such as White Pages, sounds antiquated. But online local business listings are an essential component of a financial advisor’s digital marketing strategies. Here are three common myths about local business listings and the truth about our new service, FMG Local Search, and its capabilities for advisors.

1. It’s Too Expensive

At first glance, $600 for FMG Local Search may sound like too much to get your business listed in a few business directories. But here’s what you’re actually getting:

  • Listings in more than 60 directories, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Don’t assume prospects are only using Google. More than 30% of online users choose Bing to conduct searches.
  • An entire year of service. This means your business listings remain locked in for a full year. This is key considering that the average business listing information changes every six days based on search engine updates, resulting in 61 core changes every year.
  • Improved website SEO. FMG Local Search can serve as a foundational level of your website’s SEO and online presence because you’re listed on multiple verified websites that Google trusts.
  • Tangible results. Marketing can seem esoteric when you can’t measure your progress. With FMG Local Search, you get ongoing reporting that provides a comprehensive view of your progress.

2. Not Using Business Listings Won’t Hurt My Business

The truth is, a lack of local business listings may already be hurting your marketing and online presence. More than 70% of Internet searches are for local business services and 59% of consumers use Google each month to locate a local business. If a referral or prospect can’t find you online, they can’t reach out to you. You could be missing out on opportunities without realizing it.

Furthermore, 73% of consumers lost trust in brands due to outdated online listings. In an industry where trust is essential, don’t let an outdated business listing turn away a potential client.

3. I Don’t Know Anyone Who Uses These Business Listings to Find an Advisor

Business listings can be confusing at first because the end goal isn’t to be listed on these sites. Rather, your listing on these sites is simply the means to your goal of getting found through Google searches.

Think of it this way: business listings are your current clients and Google is a potential referral. Google asks these business listings about your business, such as what services you provide and where you’re located.

If it receives accurate information, it will trust you. As a result, you’ll end up higher in search results. If it doesn’t receive consistent (or any) information, it may assume you’re not a legitimate business and be less likely to recommend you in a Google search.

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