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📊 Ignore Marketing Data at Your Own Peril Featuring Samantha Russell (Ep 44) via LinkedIn Pulse

Financial advisors rely on data when it comes to helping their clients, but what happens when it becomes harder for advisors to differentiate themselves from their competitors?

💡Key Insight

In this podcast, Samantha Russell chatted with Derek Notman and Adam Holt to discuss how you can make your business marketable, the gaps in expectation versus what clients are actually getting and so much more. It’s a crucial time in the financial industry, and they break down how you can capitalize to get the most out of your marketing.

Listen here.

🤝 Building Trust Begins With Conversations: Insights from Dr. Preston Cherry and Shana Sissel via Three Crowns Marketing

When it comes to financial planning, understanding each client individually is a crucial part of providing them with the best service for them. Everyone’s journey is unique, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. 

💡Key Insight

When you humanize the relationship and genuinely connect with clients, you can gain their trust and form more meaningful and beneficial relationships. This also leads to much better service, as advisors can form a plan that really works for each individual client and their family, beyond finances.

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🌟 Stop Being “Just My Parent’s Advisor”: Start Connecting With the Next Generation With Julie Johnson (Ep. 411) via ProudMouth

Did you know that between 65-70% of children leave their parents’ advisors because the advisor didn’t attempt to connect with them? This shows why it’s so important to connect with the younger generation, and Julie Johnson, president and CEO of XY Communication caught up with Matt Halloran to share how you can do this. 

💡Key Insight

It’s important to become more emotionally engaged with your clients and prospects so that you can truly connect with them and guide them on their financial journey. She touches on what you can start doing NOW, how to connect with the younger generation and so much more.

Listen to the episode here.

💻 Creating an Online Review Management Strategy via SproutSocial

Getting good online reviews and using them properly is a huge part of your overall marketing strategy. If you can showcase why someone likes working with you, then sharing this third-party information can really boost your business. 

💡Key Insight

Once you get the reviews, how can you use them to your advantage? According to Bright Local’s Consumer Review Survey, 98% of consumers read online reviews. That number is HUGE, so when you use them you are boosting your trust and credibility, making more people want to work with you.

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