What does a strong inbound marketing website look like in 2022? What social media trends should you pay attention to in 2022? This week’s “Trending This Tuesday” shares the answer to these questions and more in today’s roundup.

1. What Does a Great Inbound Marketing Website Look Like in 2022? via iMPACT

It’s more important than ever to have a strong website, so how can you build a great inbound marketing website in 2022? This article shares how websites and the user-behavior have changed in the last several years, what makes for a great inbound marketing design and examples of stellar websites. Read on to find out more.


2. 5 Social Media Trends That CMOs Must Know in 2022 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

According to the latest CMO survey, social media has become even more crucial to marketers during the pandemic. Businesses are seeing an increased ROI based on their efforts, and in order to get the most out of their strategy, it’s important to pay attention to the ever-changing shifts. And here are five social media trends that CMOs need to know in the coming year.

  1. Social Media Advertising Budgets
  2. Video Content
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Emerging Shopping Capabilities
  5. Building Relationships Through Customer Care Support

Learn more in the handy infographic in this article.

3. 3 Scientifically Proven Copywriting Tips Financial Advisors Can Use To Get More Clients via The Podcast Factory

Many financial advisors get clients because they are good at selling, but what if you don’t have time to sell all day? That’s where copywriting comes in. If you are good at writing, you can attract new leads and clients at all hours of the day. Tune in to this podcast to learn how to write copy that sells plus 3 scientifically proven ways to supercharge your copy and attract more clients.

4. Can Advisors Build an Audience Through Twitter? via Advisorpedia

Instead of prospecting, start thinking about how to build an audience that will want to engage with you. And customers are choosing how and when to engage, and Twitter is one of those places where you can do that. Tony Vidler shares his insight in this article.


5. 2022 guidance on the SEC testimonial rule from a cool lawyer via Sara Grillo

Sara Grillo caught up with a lawyer in financial services on her podcast to discuss the financial advisor SEC testimonial rule and what you need to know about it for 2022.

Tune in to the podcast to find out exactly what you should expect and how the SEC Marketing Rule can impact your marketing.


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