A picture is worth a thousand words, and having great imagery on your website is priceless. But how do you make the most of the images on your site? Let’s look at some common mistakes that some financial advisors make and what to do instead.

Not Using Relevant Images

Let’s be real. We’ve seen the stock model smiling while looking at a phone or shaking hands a million times. Instead of turning to these template images, try to incorporate relevant images that cater to your geographical area or market.

First, think of any memorable landmarks or community spots in your area. For example, our websites (such as these Concierge samples) feature imagery from San Diego because that’s where our main office is located. You will see a retiree enjoying a surf day, a man on his sailboat, and other relevant imagery. Once you think of some geographically salient images, you can either find them on iStock or Getty Images for purchase or, ideally, take your own! Smartphones these days are capable of taking great pictures, and these can easily be incorporated into your site.

If you must turn to stock images, try to find ones that are a little more creative than your run-of-the-mill advertising images. Use pictures of people that look like the clients you serve, people doing unique activities, or anything else a little out of the ordinary.

Copying Other Advisors’ Images

Not only is copying another site’s images uncreative, but it’s also illegal! Don’t put any images on your site that isn’t yours or purchased by you. This is called copyright infringement and could cost you a hefty fine.

Using Images of the Wrong Size

Many advisors, especially those building a website for the first time, have questions about what size of image they should use on their site. The answer depends on where the image will be on your site and the role it plays. For example, on some of our Exclusive themes, like Cascade and Vashon, the websites feature full-width images that make a big impact on the website experience. When images are this large, you must have a very high-quality image. Designers usually recommend images that are 300 dpi and at least 1920 pixels.

If the image is going on an interior page, most design professionals actually recommend having a slightly smaller image. Otherwise, it will take up the whole page and slow down loading time. But smaller doesn’t mean worse. Make sure that the images are still high-quality but don’t exceed 10KB.

Not Matching Colors

One of the biggest mistakes advisors often make is not matching their website imagery to the other colors on their site and logo. While a picture might look great on its own, it’s important to match it with the rest of your brand for a cohesive look.

For example, check out Atlas Financial Planning Group in New Hampshire. Their images are beautiful on their own, but they also complement the whole site because of the colors that tie in with their logo and design aspects.

Finding the right images for your website is crucial to building your brand and enhancing the look of your marketing materials. If you would rather let the pros handle finding pictures for your site, check out both our Concierge and Exclusive design services. Clients who turn to these services will work with a website expert who knows the best practices when it comes to choosing images for your site.

Create a Gorgeous, Traffic-Driving Website

Your website should reflect the same attention to detail as your office space. It’s your prospects’ first impression – a virtual welcome. We can help you make sure it’s a great one.

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