From market demographics to digital technology, how prospects and clients engage with your brand has changed — and their expectations are clear. People want to work with financial advisors who are in tune with today’s technology. They want to work with a professional who meets them at their level. Most of all, your clients and prospects want to connect with someone they can trust.  

So how do you build and maintain trust with a prospect you’ve never met or a client you can’t meet in person? You use digital marketing that attracts, engages, and builds relationships on their terms. That means a consistent online presence and frequent engagement on social media platforms and your website. Use the best digital marketing tools available to reach your audience. 

Here are five must-have digital marketing tools you should be using.  

1. Modernized and Responsive Websites

Now, do you remember when first impressions were made face-to-face? Surprisingly, many of your future clients are introduced to your brand online. In this case, making modern websites the foundation for digital marketing

If you want to get the most out of your website, you need a professional and polished site that instills confidence. You need a website with built-in SEO that promotes your brand, attracts leads, and connects with clients. For this reason, you also need a website that is easy to maintain and edit. 

If that seems like a tall order, you’re right. But when you choose FMG’s website services, you get all that plus an easy-to-use dashboard with compliance integrations, a robust content library, and tools for blogging and event promotions.


2. Consistent Email Marketing

Social media may seem like the holy grail for financial services marketing, but email marketing is a proven tool for advisors that still offers a substantial ROI. But everything from your email headline to the featured images must be crafted to engage your target audience. Most of all, your emails must provide value in a relatable and personalized manner. 

Whether you’re using an email campaign to promote your blog, entice referrals, or engage current clients, the content must be consistent with your branding and align with your recipients’ needs. If you want to drive more traffic, connect personally, and automate the whole endeavor, FMG’s email marketing solution gives you the tools to get it done.   


3. Social Media Engagement 

Social media marketing is here to stay and presents financial advisors with the perfect platform to connect with their audience. A successful social media marketing strategy for financial services includes proven social media tools for the broadest reach. Advisors need to post regularly and present their brand with engaging graphics and insightful content across multiple platforms. So how do you harness the power of social media for your firm when you’re busy growing your business? You let FMG’s social media solutions do the work for you.

First, FMG helps build a consistent and optimized presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. Next, FMG provides pre-written social posts like our Monthly Market Insights videos and other engaging content as part of our digital marketing strategies for wealth management. Lastly, FMG makes your social media campaigns easy to implement with automated social scheduling and posting.  


4. Automation Technology Efficiency 

Do you have the time to monitor and analyze SEO on your website and in your content? Time to create engaging, targeted content for your social media platforms? Time to develop the content for and distribute marketing emails? Keeping up with the latest digital marketing for financial advisors, creating campaigns, and analyzing the results can be overwhelming. 

In this case, put marketing automation to work in your firm, and all those challenges become much more manageable. Marketing automation makes creating, implementing, and monitoring communications via social media, email, and other mediums easier and faster. If you’re ready to put your financial services marketing on autopilot and get back to business, try our all-in-one marketing automation solution

Marketing automation makes digital marketing much more accessible. The FMG platform integrates with popular CRM systems like Redtail, Salesforce, and others to turn your data into the powerful marketing tool it should be. We’ll help you transform your website into a digital marketing hub, drive more traffic, and engage prospects and clients using the power of marketing automation. 

5. Advanced SEO Usage

Search engine optimization (SEO) attracts prospects to your website and other online marketing for financial advisors. If you know anything about SEO, then you know it can be a moving target. Which keywords do you use? What do you need to know about the latest algorithms? How can you keep up with marketing trends AND grow your business? The answer to all three of those essential questions is FMG.

Without SEO, even the most advanced digital marketing won’t give you the results you need. You can count on our SEO Foundations solution to get your website and social media presence in front of the right audience. We comprehensively audit your website and other marketing tools to help your brand rank higher and attract more traffic. 

FMG should be your go-to all-in-one financial advisory marketing platform.  Marketing doesn’t get any easier, FMG can help you build your brand, stay in touch with clients, and grow your business.  All from one amazing tool. 

Our expertise is showing you off. Let us show you off, visit our site today and see what FMG can do for you and your business!