Service attachment for FMG Suite copywriting service

Update: March 2023

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized terms will have the meaning given to them in the Agreement.

This Service Attachment governs your subscription to the Company’s Copywriting Service.

1. Definitions.

    • Copywriting Service” means our custom copywriting service on a Premium Website Build, purchased by Company, as described at

    • Copywriter” means an individual assigned to develop custom content (“Content”) for you in connection with our Copywriting Service

    • The “Copywriting Service Term” will begin on the Order Effective Date and will continue for a period of sixty (60) days after which time such Copywriting Service Term shall expire.

2. Copywriting Service. After ordering the Copywriting Services, we will request the information necessary to complete the requested services through a questionnaire. Once you provide the necessary information, your Copywriter will use your responses to prepare and deliver custom content to you for the following pages on a Premium Website Build, subject to the identified page and word count limits:

– Home Page – Content will focus on creating a personalized Home Page of your Premium Website Build (limited 500 words).

– Services Page – Customized explanation of your services (limited to 350 words)

– About Page – Customized informational page about your firm or office (limited to 350 words)

– Bios – Biographical information about the your financial advisors and professionals (limited to 5 bios* of 200 words each).

* Additional bios may be purchased at an additional fee of $150 for a pack of 5.

We will provide you an initial draft of your Content within 10 business days of your submission of a fully completed questionnaire.

3. Edits. Upon receipt of the initial draft, within thirty (30) days after such receipt, you may request one (1) complimentary round of edits via email. Edits will be completed and delivered to you within three (3) business days of receipt unless you reach out to request additional edits or corrections. Additional rounds of edits, including any which are requested prior to receiving back prior requests for edits, may be ordered for $250 per additional round. In the event that you request an additional round of edits, we may not be able to complete the Copywriting Services during the Copywriting Service Term. In the event that you need additional time to review the copywriting, or for us to provide additional edits, you will be charged a fee of $100 to add an additional one (1) month to the review period and the Copywriting Service Term, which charge shall be in addition to any fees charged for additional rounds of edits.

4. Page and Word Counts. The Copywriting Services must be used within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date. Upon your receipt of any last round of edits, if the event customized Content does not obtain the maximum word count or number of bios set forth above (e.g. you only have two bios for the financial professionals in your office), you will not be entitled to any additional Copywriting Services without an additional Order. Additionally, pages may not be substituted. For example, a “bio” may not be used as an additional “Services Description” page.

5. Your Responsibilities. You play an important role in helping us deliver a successful copywriting process. Your failure to provide timely feedback when requested may result in delays and subject you to additional charges. We will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from your failure to abide by the terms herein. The Copywriting Service is dependent on your responsiveness.

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