Service Attachment for FMG Premium Design Service

Updated: June 2022

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized terms will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.  This Service Attachment governs your subscription to FMG’s Premium Design Service. 

1. Definitions.

  1. “Additional Project Hours” means additional professional services hours provided by a Customer Success Coordinator that may be purchased at the rate specified in this Service Attachment. 
  2. “Dashboard” means the hub you will use to make changes to your Website and utilize our marketing tools.
  3. “Premium Design Hours” means up to nine (9) professional services hours performed by your Customer Success Coordinator as part of the Premium Design Service as specified in this Service Attachment. 
  4. “Customer Success Coordinator” means a specialist who will oversee your website production process. 

2. Process. As part of the Premium Design Service, starting as of the date of your Weclome Call, you will have a Customer Success Coordinator assisting you with your Website design for a period of sixty (60) calendar days OR nine (9) Premium Design Hours, whichever expires first.  If you exhaust all of your Premium Design Hours before the sixty (60) calendar days have expired, you may consult with your Customer Success Coordinator to purchase additional Premium Design Hours at a rate of $75 per hour. Additionally,  if after sixty (60) calendar days you still have Premium Design Hours remaining, you may consult your Customer Success Coordinator to purchase an extension of an additional thirty (30) calendar days to complete your remaining Premium Design Hours for a fee of $100 provided, however, that you will still need to pay for any Additional Project Hours beyond the initial nine (9) Premium Design Hours.

The design process typically takes place over a series of six (6) phone calls with your Customer Success Coordinator as follows:

  • Welcome Call (Week 1): Your Customer Success Coordinator will outline the Premium Design Service and together you will pick a theme to build a first draft of your Website.
  • First Draft Review Call (Week 2): Together, you, your Customer Success Coordinator, and one of our Designers will review the first draft of your Website and put together a ‘website changes’ list that you would like to see.
  • Second Draft Review Call (Week 3): Together, you and your Customer Success Coordinator will review the second draft of your Website and put together an additional list of ‘website changes’ that you would like to see.
  • Final Draft Review Call (Week 4): Together, you and your Customer Success Coordinator will review the final draft of your Website and put together a final ‘website changes’ list that you would like to see.
  • Submission Call (Week 5):  Together, you and your Customer Success Coordinator will do a quick once-over of the Website, make any last minute adjustments, and submit your Website to compliance.

3. Premium Design Service. Here are some useful pointers that will ensure a successful design process:

  • The design service will focus on the ‘look and feel’. The Premium Design Service focuses on the ‘look and feel’ of your homepage. The content on your Website (text, images, video) will depend on you.  Our content library, standard pages, and copy material give you a great place to start.
  • We transfer up to thirty (30) pages of content (including team pages). The thirty (30) pages can include content from your prior website or any document files you provide during the process. This content is added as-is and does not include proofreading or formatting.
  • Custom Copywriting is not included in the Premium Design Service. Our standard copy is free to use, and copywriting services are available; visit for more details.
  • Your Website design may be completed in less than nine (9) hours. Our goal is to make the Website build process easy for you.  On average, most customers we work with complete their Website design and submit to compliance within 6-8 hours. If your Website design is completed in less than nine (9) hours, any time remaining under your subscription is not eligible for refund and will not be credited towards any other product or service.
  • The Premium Design Service will only be available until the earlier of sixty (60) calendar days or until you have used up your nine (9) Premium Design Hours (or longer, at the sole discretion of your Customer Success Coordinator if your Customer Success Coordinator requires additional time).
  • Your monthly billing will begin sixty (60) calendar days from the Order Effective Date. Billing is not dependent upon your Website being live.
  • Additional Project Hours.  You may order Additional Project Hours to be performed by a Customer Success Coordinator at any time by contacting your Customer Success Coordinator.  Additional Project Hours are sold in one (1) hour increments at an hourly rate of $75/hour and are billed in arrears.  Fees for any unused Additional Project Hours shall be refunded to you and shall be based on whole unused hours.

4. Getting the Site Live: An email will be sent to you requesting the information needed to turn the site live. You will need to reply to this email with the following information for the site to be turned on:

      • A domain name. This can be purchased by us or on your own, we will need access to update the records on that domain account. 
          • Additional fees may be required if you decide to have FMG purchase a domain for you. 
      • Compliance Approval (if applicable). If you require compliance approval prior to turning on your website, you will also need them to approve your website in order for us to turn the site on. This can be done through the Dashboard accessed by your compliance department. In the event that your Broker Dealer has a separate compliance portal, you may also download and submit your site via such separate compliance portal. View this help article for Self-Managed Compliance:
      • Publishing of the website requires compliance approval. If your Broker Dealer or compliance department is not able to provide approval, your website will not be published. 
  • Flipping the Switch: Once we have the two items above, the site is ready to be turned on and made live which your Customer Success Coordinator will assist you with.

5. Your Responsibilities. You play an important role in helping us deliver a successful design process.  You will be expected to follow our design schedule and process, provide requested information (including, but not limited to content, images, feedback, applicable domain names) in a timely manner, and monitor the compliance process.  Your failure to provide timely feedback when requested may result in delays and subject you to additional charges. We will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from your failure to abide by the terms herein.

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