Service attachment for FMG Suite Express design service

Dated: August 2021

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized terms will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.  This Service Attachment governs your order for the Express Website Build Service.


  1. “Customer Service Representative” means a service representative that is available to help you get the site live over email, chat or phone calls to our service line.
  2. “Dashboard” means the hub you will use to make changes to your Website and utilize our marketing tools.
  3. “Custom Work Hours” means additional professional services hours by a Website Developer that may be purchased at the rate specified in this Service Attachment.
  4. “Pre-designed Websites” means our pre-designed websites that are already created and available for use with your order of the Express Website Build Service. 

2. Process. Your Express Website Build will start upon your payment for the service. The Express Website package is a “Do- It- Yourself” package, which  means everything outside of the Pre-designed Websites must be created by you. You will not have access to website design specialists within this setup. The build process shall be as follows:

  • Website Build: The initial website build will be completed by our team within 7-10 business days of purchase. This will include a transfer of all available content on any current site you provide us. This content must not be proprietary to your previous website provider and must fit the specifics identified in the Terms of Service. This content must fit into our platform. We will reproduce any current site as closely as we can within our platform, noting there will be differences to layout and style.Please provide the following information by emailing it to as soon as you can with the subject line: Set Up Info for “Insert Your Full Name Here”.
    • Your logo (high-quality resolution transparent .png file is preferred)
    • Profile and bio photos (.jpg or .png files)
    • The Express Sample Site of your choice (if you haven’t already decided on one with your Senior Account Executive)
    • Any website images that you own the rights to (.jpg or .png files)
    • Other content you would like us to include: (Mission Statement, Bio, Disclosures, Links, etc.)
  • Edits: By purchasing the Express Website Build package, it is intended for all further edits to be made by you during the build process. Our Customer Service Representatives are happy to help guide you through this process and will be reaching out via email. We also recommend that you sign up for a Dashboard walkthrough here:
  • Getting the Site Live: An email will be sent to you requesting the information needed to turn the site live. You will need to reply to this email with the following information for the site to be turned on:
    • A domain name. This can be purchased by us or on your own, we will need access to update the records on that domain account. 
    • Compliance Approval (if applicable). If you have a Broker Dealer you will also need them to approve your website in order for us to turn the site on. This can be done through the Dashboard accessed by your compliance department. In the event that your Broker Dealer has a separate compliance portal, you may also download and submit your site via such separate compliance portal. View this help article for Self-Managed Compliance:
  • Flipping the Switch: Once we have the two items above, the site is ready to be turned on and made live. This can be done in the Dashboard either by you or by reaching out to a Customer Service Representative. 

3. Billing and Non-Renewal. Your monthly subscription billing will begin immediately after purchase. Billing is not dependent upon your Website being live. Your Order for the Express Website Build Service shall not be subject to the auto-renewal provision under Section 8.1 of the Terms of Service.

4. Your Responsibilities. Here are some useful pointers that will ensure a successful build process:

  • You play a critical role in helping us deliver a successful build process.  You will be expected to provide requested information (including, but not limited to content, images, feedback, applicable domain names) in a timely manner, and monitor the compliance process.  Your failure to provide timely feedback when requested may result in delays and subject you to additional charges. We will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from your failure to abide by the terms herein.
  • The content on your Website (text, images, video) will depend on you. Our content library, standard pages, and copy material give you a great place to start. You can continue to make changes and edits through the entire life of your website.
  • We transfer up to twenty (20) pages of content (including team pages). The twenty (20) pages can include content from your current website, or any document files you provide during the process. This content is added as-is and does not include proofreading or formatting. In the event that you require us to transfer additional pages, such services shall be charged as a Custom Work Hour (see below).
  • Custom Copywriting is not included in the Express Website Build Service. Our standard copy is free to use, and copywriting services are available; visit for more details.
  • Custom pages are not included in the Express Website Build Service. Our standard pages are free to use, and pre-designed pages are available; visit for more details.
  • Your Express Website Build Service will ensure your chosen domain is directed to our dashboard and the website ready to go live. Reach out to our Customer Service team when you are ready to go live.
  • If you need Custom Work Hours, they are sold in one (1) hour increments at an hourly rate of $75/hour and are billed in arrears for every one (1) Custom Work Hour performed. Custom Work Hours can include but are not limited to custom coding, extensive formatting changes, page edits taking over 15 mins of work to customize, or design elements exceeding our platform limitations.

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