Service Attachment for FMG’s Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) Marketing Service

January 2023

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized/bolded terms will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement. This Service Attachment governs your subscription to FMG’s Do It For Me (DIFM) Marketing Service.


  1. “FMG Dashboard” means the technology hub you (and your DIFM team) will use to make changes to your Website and utilize the FMG marketing tools.
  2. “Marketing Strategist” means the FMG employee who will oversee, direct, and assist you through the DIFM Marketing Service. This person will act as your partner and primary point of contact for the DIFM program within the FMG.
  3. “Marketing Support Team” means a team of FMG marketing personnel who will assist you and your Marketing Strategist in executing marketing strategies as outlined by our DIFM Marketing Services.
  4. “Shared Space” is a central document used by your DIFM marketing team that contains information on your firm and preferences in order to execute your DIFM marketing content strategy. Available upon request.
  5. “Do It For Me (DIFM) Marketing” is the program name and includes all the services outlined in this agreement under “Marketing”.
  6. “Exclusive Content” means FMG’s thought leadership will develop the strategy and direct the development of the content that is exclusive to our DIFM Marketing customers. This content includes authentically written client and prospect emails, engaging social posts, and timely pieces.

2. Process. Your DIFM Marketing Service will start upon your payment for such service. You will be assigned a Marketing Strategist as your primary point of contact who will assist you with your DIFM Marketing Services throughout the time you are an active DIFM Marketing customer. The DIFM Marketing Service is an ongoing service that will assist you in marketing strategies and assist you in leveraging the marketing tools within the FMG Dashboard over the duration of your contract. As part of the DIFM Marketing Services, you will receive a monthly content calendar and a marketing strategy call with your Marketing Strategist. The default distribution of the DIFM marketing content calendar will be to send all the recommended, exclusive content to all of your contacts. By utilizing your Marketing Strategist, you will also have the flexibility to choose specific client segments for the monthly marketing content, but you will ultimately be responsible for clearly identifying any customized distribution. In the event that you wish to cancel this automated feature, you must email your DIFM Marketing Strategist to request its cancellation.

The onboarding portion of your DIFM Marketing Service is a process that typically takes place over a series of two-three (2-3) calls over the course of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days as follows:

  • Discovery Call: Your Marketing Strategist will outline the DIFM Marketing Service. This call will initiate the setup and continued creation of your Shared Space, including the marketing plan and DIFM marketing calendar.
  • FMG Dashboard Optimization: Your Marketing Team will introduce you to your FMG Dashboard, work with you to sync or upload your contacts, activate the right automated marketing campaigns for your firm, and ensure your FMG Dashboard is optimized.

The DIFM Marketing service is built around four (4) main deliverables and activities as follows:

  • Marketing Calendar: We will create and deliver a calendar of exclusive and recommended email, social, and blog content for delivery on specific dates within the month. The default distribution of the content will be to all contacts. You will also have the flexibility to choose specific client segments within your book for content, this is where your Marketing Strategist will assist you, but you will ultimately be responsible for clearly identifying any customized distribution.
  • Marketing Strategist Call: During your monthly strategist call they will discuss any technology updates, content customizations, or questions pertaining to the program.
  • Timely Ad Hoc Content: As current events and market conditions dictate, FMG’s thought leadership will create content to address each issue.
  • Quarterly Event Promotion: Every quarter we will recommend and execute the promotion and follow-up of an event. Typically, we recommend the half-time and annual report and then 2 others of your choice.

3. Your Responsibilities. The success of your FMG DIFM Marketing Service is largely dependent on your level of partnership with us. You play an important role in helping us deliver successful outcomes for your marketing goals and objectives. It will be in your best interest to follow the “best practices” schedule and processes as outlined by your Marketing Strategist. In addition, your engagement to provide the requested information (including, but not limited to content, images, feedback, applicable domain names, firm information and other information will help us outline a successful marketing plan) in a timely manner, and monitor the compliance process. FMG will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from the absence of timely feedback or communications.

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