As a software solution, Asset-Map helps advisors organize client info and deliver financial plans through a visual medium, allowing them to save time and offer greater clarity to their clients. Many advisors that leverage Asset-Map’s software also feature the tool on their website as part of their prospecting efforts. But what should you highlight? And where should you include information on the software on your site to inform potential clients?

In this blog, we answer that question by looking at 5 of our favorite advisor sites that include Asset-Map. Feel free to explore this list to see how advisors incorporate the software into their digital presence and to find inspiration for your own.

5 Best Advisor Sites that Include Asset-Map

1. Well Lived Wealth

Well Lived Wealth highlights the social relationship shared between advisors and their clients. By defining wealth as both a financial status and a sense of well-being, the site establishes that the wealth management process should be a personal one. This is furthered by the site’s design, copy, and interactive quiz. Asset-Map works its way into this process by being featured on the services page, where Well Live Wealth offers a full pdf on Asset-Map and its benefits.

2. Maven Lane Financial Group

Maven Lane Financial Group takes a similar approach by prioritizing personalization and integrating the Asset-Map process into their initial onboarding process. On the Scheduling page, you can find a breakdown of Asset-Map and the benefits it will provide to the advisor-client relationship. By highlighting these benefits, Maven Lane Financial Group leverages Asset-Map as their primary call-to-action and a key element of their personalized plans.

3. Bracker Wealth Management

Similar to example two above, Bracker Wealth Management outlines the benefits of Asset-Map to initiate a potential meeting. Where it largely stands out from our previous example, though, is its location in the site navigation. Rather than appearing under services, Bracker Wealth Management has a dedicated page set up for describing the benefits of Asset-Map process. This allows them to link to this page from anywhere on their site to highlight the benefits in multiple locations. For example, an additional link calls out to the Asset-Map page, directly on the site homepage.

4. Route 65 Financial

After that, we have Route 65 Financial, which uses Asset-Map in its services pages like our other examples but takes an opportunity to differentiate their offer by relating the Asset-Map process to their branding. Words like “path” and Asset-Map’s own “map” play into the firm’s name and value proposition – “Your Destination. Our Dedication,” which makes personalized plans offered by Asset-Map’s software feel like a natural inclusion into Route 65 Financial’s services.

5. Equitable Advisors

Equitable Advisors stands out on our list by offering Asset-Map under its “tools” page. Here, the focus on Asset-Map is more about how it empowers the advisor-client relationship and adds to the benefits of working with Equitable Advisors. By placing information on Asset-Map on the same page as other tools, the firm also gives a clearer picture of what it might look like to work with them.

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