Client needs are always changing, and it’s the job of their financial advisor to make sure those needs are met and exceeded. Most businesses will see to it that their needs are met but never truly try to exceed or surprise them (the clients). That’s where the idea of surprise and delight comes into play. Surprise and Delight is an advisor marketing approach that works to attract and nurture customers by enhancing their interactions and offering them unexpected rewards.

There are many different ways to surprise and delight. Read on for new ideas and inspirations to aid you in coming up with your own.  Find something that changes how you interact with clients for the better.

1. Always Share Your Content

You know you need high-quality content on your website. But what can surprise and delight your clients is how you use that content. Don’t let it just stick around for SEO! Share it on social media and email to garner attention and become a solution to financial troubles.

And by sharing your strategies on a consistent basis, you can garner even more traffic to your website, impacting your other marketing strategies. Not only will this encourage site visitors to sign up for your financial advising email newsletters, but it will also increase the chances that they contact you to become a client.

2. Let Them Talk to Their Local Financial Advisor (That’s You)

Consumers tend to have an idea of what they’re looking for. If they’re hungry, they find a restaurant. If they need help with their finances, they get a financial advisor. But there’s a gap between what they do know and what they don’t know. This is where connecting and contacting an advisor comes into play. Financial advisors usually have contact pages on their site where a client can get email addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes faxes. They then use this to get in contact with an advisor, but what if it was easier and faster?

To surprise and delight, try adding a built-in calendar of when clients can meet with you. The calendar can allow them to schedule right then and there, with no waiting on email replies or playing phone tag. Clients will love the ease of use and speediness of appointment setting. No hassle, no problem.

3. Personalize Their Financial Advisory Services

When picking or sticking with a financial advisor, customers use a “What is it doing for me” attitude. Breaking down the service provided into how it’s helping them. Personalizing their services is an amazing way to delight them. The goal is to make them feel like they’re an important part of your business and not just another client. Adding that personal touch could make their day and elevate their service to the next level. Try out some of these tips to personalize services:

  • Listen to, rather than talk to, clients
  • Do frequent check-ins
  • Ask clients what’s new each time you see them
  • Make recommendations personalized for them
  • Be human, clients want to talk to a person, not a robot

The most essential thing is to make the customer feel valued and important. If a person feels appreciated and looked after, they are not only more likely to be loyal but also delighted.

4. Hold Exciting Events Made to Impress

Keeping clients engaged and appreciated is the key to maintaining a successful financial advisory firm. And events are always exciting and can bring in customers and help retain current ones. The key to a successful event is providing opportunities for relationship-building experiences between an advisor and their clients. And best of all, some of the best events can be made digital. For example, the following can all be organized physically or digitally:

  • Wine tasting event
  • Market-related or guest speaker workshop
  • Movie nights
  • Painting events
  • Charity events

Provide your clients with unforgettable events, and they’re sure to be delighted. Strengthening not only your customer-business relationship but spreading your firm’s name through word of mouth.

5. Create New Financial Marketing Campaigns

Keeping things fresh is crucial to bringing in new clients. Marketing campaigns serve as a vehicle to bring customers to your firm. Whether it be creating a set of emails, revamping your website, or hosting a client event. The goal is to add new flair to old classics and impress while doing so. Grabbing the attention of the public and exclaiming to them that your financial firm is there to help them succeed.

Along with having to overcome challenges, it can be difficult creating the campaigns themselves. If you need some ideas or inspiration on campaigns, here’s a list to get you started on creating your own:

  • Video campaign showing off your services
  • An email campaign that builds off each previous email
  • Site launch or relaunch campaign
  • A social media campaign that gets customers involved

Surprise and delight go hand in hand. Always remember to keep that in mind when looking for ways to interact with your clients. Your job is the make each client feel like they’re your number one priority. You care about what they want and strive to go above and beyond. They’re not just your clients, they’re people you want to have a good relationship with, so do your best to surprise and delight them.

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