Clients are the lifeblood of every business, regardless of industry. Financial advisors especially should make sure customers feel appreciated. To distinguish themselves from others in the industry and make clients feel special. For this exact reason, going the way of surprising and delighting is an excellent tactic in providing exceptional service. Surprise and delight marketing is a great way to improve client relations. When a financial advisor is able to surprise or delight their client, they’re showing through action why that customer made the right choice in choosing them.

Another thing to understand is that these actions don’t always have to be strictly business. Being personable is one of the best ways a financial advisor can stand out and show that they truly care. This blog will highlight what makes surprising and delighting so beneficial, how it works, and some ideas to help inspire you.

What Does it Mean to Suprise and Delight? What is the Surprise and Delight Marketing Strategy?

The surprise and delight marketing strategy aims to attract and nurture customer relationships by providing unexpected rewards. In less businessy terms, surprising and delighting means going above and beyond for your clients to ensure they’re happy. This is usually done through the use of gifts, coupons, or other initiatives that will help foster brand awareness.

For example, a financial advisor might decide to send out a gift for Christmas without any prior notifications. This will come to clients as a surprise but will be sure to be a delightful one at that. It’s all about taking expectations and going above and beyond.

The Benefits of the Surprise and Delight Marketing Strategy

Not surprisingly, as an advisor, you want to know the benefits of the surprise and delight marketing strategy. Worry not, it is absolutely worth the time and effort. As previously mentioned, this tactic is a wonderful way to foster brand awareness. This can lead to an increase in client loyalty, increased marketing benefits (word of mouth), and much more. In an age of technology, clients are sure to share on social media when an advisor goes above and beyond for them. Send a thoughtful gift for an anniversary, holiday, or just to check in, and you’ll most likely be seeing it online.

It’s important to remember that surprises don’t have to be expensive or even cost anything at that. Sometimes simply wishing a client a happy birthday with a handwritten or typed message shows that you care for them. Going out of your way to do small things like this is important for establishing relationships and increasing brand awareness. Word of mouth is more important than people may think, especially in local communities. Not every surprise has to be extravagant to delight.

Ideas That Are Sure to Surprise and Delight

Every business has its own way of surprising and delighting customers, and they’re all unique in their own way. They know their clients and what makes them say, “Wow.” The ideas don’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but just a way to show that you were thinking about the client. Below is a list of ways that you can try to use the surprise and delight marketing strategy for clients both in person and online.


These are surprises and delights that are physical. Meaning they can be anything from gifts, food, events, etc. If you can experience it in person, it’s physical. Feel free to use these ideas as your own or have them inspire you to create new ones.

Homemade/Handmade Goods

Almost everyone enjoys receiving something that someone puts time and effort into. This goes double for clients. Try making them something from scratch, whether it be baked goods or maybe a sign you made.

Host an Event

Want to get your local community and clients together? Try hosting an event that’s free for all, and go out of your way to invite your customers to let them know how much you want them to attend. Anything from a movie night to a happy hour, your clients are sure to be surprised and delighted.

Surprise Them With Food

If you have clients coming into your office for a meeting, try greeting them with food, snacks, and drinks. Set up a nice table that they can browse for the perfect treat. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but we guarantee your clients will appreciate it.

Write a Letter

People love getting mail, especially when it’s not a bill. Write letters to your clients to see how they’re doing. Or if it’s a holiday, make it a holiday card and wish them a merry whatever mass. It lets them know you’re thinking about them.

Send a Gift Basket

Everyone likes a nice gift basket, whether it’s filled with nice-smelling soaps or tender beef jerky. Whether your client is celebrating a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or milestone, let them know you’re thinking of them.


These are the type of surprises and delights that happen over the internet. Anything from social media posts to emails. If you can see it on a screen, then it’s in the online category. As with the in-person, use these ideas yourself or be inspired.

Highlight Them on Social Media

Social media is an important part of any business, so why not give your clients a shoutout? Tag them in your post and go on about how great their services are. The more engagement you can create on the post, the better.

Host an Online Event

Not feeling an in-person event? That’s perfectly fine. Try hosting an online event where everyone is welcome to join from whatever screen they choose. Host a trivia night, a virtual happy hour, or even a movie stream. Even better, have a live stream where you answer questions and give away prizes.

Send a Virtual Gift

Much like a physical gift, virtual gifts are always lovely to receive, usually including coupons for services, gift cards, or even movie tickets. Try shaking it up and seeing what you can find that might interest your clients.

Email or Call Your Clients

Wanting to see how your client is doing? Try giving them a call or sending out an email. Simply ask how they’re doing or if they need any help with their current services. These check-ups are a good way to strengthen customer bonds and increase trust.

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