It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. It’s an exciting but busy time of year, and in addition to getting gifts for friends and family, it’s important to think about what you are going to get your clients.  So, what are some great client gift ideas to thank them for the great year that you have had?

Each year, we go to LinkedIn to discover some of the best client gift ideas advisors have come up with. Below are some of our favorites.

15 Client Gift Ideas Financial Advisors Can Use This Holiday Season

1. Customized Gift Package

Want to show that you’re really thinking about your clients this season? Sarin Barsoumian, founder and financial advisor at SMB Financial Strategies, thinks a customized gift is the best way to go.

Clients love receiving packages made just for them, and Sarin believes that Olive and Cocoa, LLC delivers a beautiful end product that your customers are sure to love.

2. Serve as a Silver Santa for Nursing Homes

Ellen Chang has served as a Silver Santa for many years, and it’s such a simple idea but one that can make a huge difference in the lives of senior citizens.

The requests may seem simple, but they bring so much joy to these senior citizens who may not have a lot of these basic needs. Interested in getting involved with a Silver Santa program? Visit the Silver Santa page of the Better Living for Seniors Consortium website to learn more.

3. Animal Name and Raising Updates

Lawrence Sprung, founder of and wealth advisor at Mitlin Financial, thinks that there are better things than just physical gifts. His unique spin involves a fun take on naming any new animals in the company family. He suggests letting clients take a poll to see what their new furry friend’s name is.

Along with that, he also recommends including updates on the animal as it grows up to let clients know how their extended family furry friend is doing.

4. Personalized Charcuterie Boards

Jan Taylor, Client Executive at Windle Wealth, had this amazing client gift idea; personalized charcuterie boards out of reclaimed wood. And what makes this even better is that they are locally made, and we are all about supporting local businesses.

So many people give and receive meats and cheeses this time of year, so having something to serve that on is a great idea. And if you like this idea, follow this link here for lots of great charcuterie board options.

5. Puzzles

How cool is this gift idea? Sarin A. Barsoumian, CFP®, CRPC®, Founder and Financial Advisor at SMB Financial Strategies, sent clients puzzles last year.

Who doesn’t like a puzzle to do either solo or with your family? If this is an idea that you liked, you can check out this link to Olive & Cocoa, where they created a fun holiday package with a puzzle and other treats.

6. Holiday Books

What’s more heartwarming than reading some books that really capture the holiday spirit? We love this idea from Ingrid Fure, Marketing Manager at Fure Financial Corporation.

7. Spice Packages From Spiceology

When it comes to gifting, we are all about thinking outside the box, so this client gift idea from Amanda Singletary, MBA, Marketing Manager at Cary Estate Planning, is excellent. Spiceology is a spice company based out of Spokane, Washington. The idea of a Thanksgiving gifting campaign is great, as this gets clients in the holiday spirit early!

If this sounds like an idea that you might like, you can find out all about their offerings here. And as Amanda put it, SEASONINGS GREETINGS!

8. Portable Wood Game Table

Hugh Meyer, Director of Highline Wealth Partners, had a really original idea for his holiday gifts. There’s nothing like games to bring friends and family together, especially during the colder winter months.

9. Thanksgiving Card Drawing Contest

Talk about getting creative! We received this client gift idea from Carma Hall during one of Samantha’s Digital Marketing Live Office Hours, and it’s such a great idea. Rather than sending out a Christmas card, their company sends out a Thanksgiving card. They had card drawing content for young artists, and the winner’s drawing would be at the front of the card. What a great idea!

10. Charitable Gifts

We love this one from John Barrios, CFP®, owner of Barrios Financial Services, as it’s truly all about the season of giving. St. Jude’s Children’s Research is an awesome charity, adding even more great client gift ideas!

We love this idea, as it’s always great to give back to others, but this becomes especially true during the holiday season. This charity navigator can allow you to easily type in charities that you are interested in donating to get more details, locations, and any other facts that you may want to know before donating.

11. Local Ice Cream Treats

Ice cream is always a good choice! Larry Sprung, CFP® of Mitlin Financial, supports a local business by ordering these treats every year. Supporting smaller, local businesses is even more important, especially this year since small businesses suffered more throughout the pandemic. He also sends them the week of Thanksgiving, so there is plenty of time for them to arrive.

12. Soy Candles

Candles are a great gift, as not only do they smell great, but they definitely offer that holiday ambiance. Melisa Joy, CFP® of Pearl Planning.  The candles from the company pictured below were actually started by a girl in high school for her DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) project.

Like this idea? Check out the Etsy page, Ava’s Illuminations, along with other cool candle ideas, right here.

13. Godiva Chocolate

You really can’t go wrong with Godiva Chocolate, so we are sure that Todd Gourno’s clients will really appreciate this as one of your client gift ideas.?

If you want to send chocolates to your clients, then this link has some delicious options.

14. Personalized Gifts from Things Remembered

Jeff Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP® of BluePrint Wealth Alliance, has done a lot of gifts from Things Remembered to make it customized with a client’s family name.

They said the feedback was very positive from clients when they got a picture frame, so that’s something to keep in mind. It’s important not to include a company logo, as Jeff mentions in the tweet, as this is not the time to market, but celebrate the holidays and thank your clients for a great year.

Want to know about personalization at Things Remembered? Useful information can be found here.

15. Different Types of Champagne Each Year

Champagne is always a fun idea, and it’s a drink that really gets people in the holiday and celebratory spirit. Jorge A. Romero, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor at Carson Wealth, likes to send champagne to his clients every year, and this year it is Veuve Clicquot.

What we really love about this idea is the different package casing. Since most of these clients are engineers, the pencil theme is a cute idea and makes the gift much more personal.

Veuve Clicquot never fails to impress, especially with the fun packaging for the 2019 collection. If you would like to see more of their products, you can find them on their website! This gift would be sure to impress your clients!

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