You hear that word a lot when it comes to items that companies give away. Company swag is a great way to build culture and also to boost your brand presence by providing clients and prospects with something that will keep you “top of mind” when they see the item. Companies are getting more and more creative, with generic “swag” out the door. So, for today’s blog, we took to social media to see what people are giving to employees, handing them out at conferences, and more.

10 of the Best Company Swag Ideas for Your Advisory Firm

1. Custom Swag Boxes

The pandemic turned the way we all work upside down. Even as things have slowly returned to normal, there are still many companies that work remotely and have come up with different ways to motivate and excite employees. And right now, custom swag boxes from are the hottest new item. With this, you can create your own choice of branded items and fully customized packaging. There’s something more exciting about getting a box of “mystery items,” so you can unwrap them and see what awesome things you’re going to get.

2. Insulated Bags for Groceries

This is an incredibly practical “swag” idea from James Werner, CFP® of Silicon Hills Wealth Management. As more and more companies try to “go green,” then an insulated grocery bag is the best way to do this.

3. Tech Accessories

Technology is constantly changing, and there is always going to be something newer and flashier, so branded tech accessories are always a good idea. And they are almost always useful, but many times someone might not think to get them for themselves. Some to keep in mind are:

Whatever you need, these tech items are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

4. Universal Plug with USB Ports

This has been a game-changer for Sheryl Hickerson of Females & Finance. How many times have you needed a charger and didn’t have one? Much like the tech accessories in the point above, this is something that you might not know you need until you have one. Then you wonder how you ever lived without it!

5. Yoga Mat And Hot Yoga Towel

Self-care and exercise is always a great idea, so we love the item that Keri I. Pugh CFP®, AIF® of Fusion Financial Group, shared. She received a yoga mat and a hot yoga towel from PacLife. And she really loves the beach/ocean pattern on the towel, so making people think about vacation and something that makes them happy when they look at your item is always a win!

6. Gear for Your Dog

We love this unique idea that Leigh D’AngeloSr Communications Analyst for NASA, shared. Your pets are like family, so anything that you can give them is a great idea!

7. Coffee Swag

As if coffee weren’t already a popular gift in company culture, 2020 definitely heightened the necessity when multi-tasking reached an all-time high. So, why not give your employees and clients an extra boost of energy with these awesome coffee ideas?

Follow the links to learn more about each item and get through those meetings with some awesome coffee gifts.

8. Sneakers

Giving out sneakers as swag is an incredibly unique and cool gift that will definitely leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives them. You’ll get a ton of use out of them and think of the company every time you put them on. It’s a gift that you can keep using and shoes aren’t cheap! So, getting something like this that you don’t have to pay for is going to really make people happy. A couple of popular ideas of slip-on sneakers, such as those made by Vans. are very popular right now. Allbirds are also another great choice, as they’re built to last, they’re comfortable and they are made out of sustainable material, making them eco-friendly.

9. Stickers or Patches

Good things come in small packages, and stickers and patches are a great way to show off your brand in a fun way. With stickers, you can customize your favorite cooler, water bottle, notebook, or whatever you want! Add a patch to a hat, jacket, or backpack to take them up a notch. What’s great about something like this is that it’s small enough that you can group it with a few other items and make a fun welcome kit or something for a new employee. A couple of ideas for this are:

10. Winter Gear

Keep your employees warm this winter with some awesome new winter gear. This is especially useful if you live in a bigger city where a lot of people are taking public transportation or walking to work. A couple of ideas that we love are:

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