If you’re looking to grow your financial services business, it’s important to start with marketing fundamentals that will set you up for success. Digital marketing tools will help keep your firm’s brand relevant, reach new leads, and stay connected with current clients.

Here are five of the best marketing ideas for financial advisors and financial professionals that will help you build your business and reach new leads.

  1. Create a modern website that helps your brand stand out

A professional financial services website should be the foundation for your online presence and attract new business. Make sure your website is designed with SEO best practices in mind, including content optimization and great images, otherwise you won’t generate as much traffic as you should.

A custom-built website designed to grow your firm should work hand-in-hand with your email marketing and social media strategy. Your site should operate as your marketing hub, hosting informative articles, presentations, and insightful updates that engage your clients and fuel your other marketing channels.

  1. Harness the power of email marketing

If you’re not focused on email marketing to grow your financial services firm, it’s time to take a fresh look at this marketing staple. Regular, informative email marketing helps you stay top of mind for clients and prospects alike, and should be the main element of your marketing strategy.

Email is a direct channel to your prospects and clients. It keeps your financial services brand top of mind, and it remains one of the most effective financial services marketing ideas for engaging your audience. Remember to always make your emails feel personal. Well-crafted emails promote email forwarding, social sharing, and referral business. When you create and share email content that provides finance tips, market updates, and other relevant information, your audience will see you as a valued resource and an obvious choice for their financial services needs.

  1. Use video to boost brand awareness

A recent survey found that over 50% of consumers are interested in viewing videos from brands. Thanks to the continued growth of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms, financial professionals have plenty of opportunities to create engaging videos for their audience. Video is a great marketing idea for financial professionals because you can easily communicate tough financial concepts in a short amount of time to your clients and prospects.

Consider filming a video that addresses current market updates and talks your clients through the basics. Your network will appreciate the effort you’ve taken to help them understand, plus it helps them connect with you on a personal level. Financial professionals can also consider creating “get to know you” videos with employees, videos that answer frequently asked questions, or videos that feature community outreach and involvement.


  1. Stay engaged on social media

While building a social media presence is one of the best marketing ideas for financial advisors, it’s also an opportunity to connect and engage prospects and clients on a personal level. Remember, people want to do business with people. Show your personal side while keeping your audience updated on financial news to prove you are both relatable and knowledgeable. 

A great place to start your social media marketing is by creating a Facebook page. Consistently post market updates, financial information, and a behind-the-scenes look at your firm and staff. Measure the performance via the built-in analytics tools on Facebook, then tweak and repeat. You can even consider paid advertising on Facebook to reach new audiences. 


  1. Market better and faster with marketing automation

Financial services marketing automation can help save you time and energy while staying connected. Marketing automation is one of the most effective financial services marketing ideas because it can improve all your marketing channels. 

Automated marketing campaigns for birthdays, holidays, and referral requests make it easy for you to stay connected without the extra work. You can deliver regular messages via email and printed greeting cards that acknowledge events in your clients’ lives.


If you’re ready to put these fundamental financial services marketing tips in action but could use some guidance, FMG Suite is proud to provide financial services coaches that excel at marketing financial products and services. Our dedicated team is ready to help you get started today.