“The Digital Referral Shift” has drastically changed the way consumers find advisors. In fact, recent research shows that just 4% of millennials cite “a referral from friends and family” as being most important when choosing a financial advisor.

So, what really matters to investors when choosing an advisor and how can you prospect for new clients effectively in 2022?

Watch Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite and VP of Brand Experience at Riskalyze, Dan Bolton discuss the biggest marketing opportunities for advisors in 2022. They share how you can work to develop a strong growth strategy, including:

  • What investors cite as being most important when choosing an advisor in 2022
  • Why social proof is the “new referral”- and how to use it in your marketing
  • How to structure your website to capture new leads using Riskalyze
  • How to nurture and close those leads using FMG Suite
  • Cases from advisors who have implemented this strategy and seen great results
  • TOOLS: How to implement tools from Riskalyze + FMG to make it all happen

This webinar had A LOT of great information, and we hope that you can take away at least a few actionable tips to give your marketing a boost this year!