Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in the world but should financial advisors use Instagram? This is a question our marketing specialists get all the time. Instagram makes it easy for a business to find new clients with targeted marketing, gain insights into their audience, and begin building new relationships.

If you think Instagram is just for a younger audience or learning how to set up an account, post compliant content, and create ads is too much work, think again. According to WealthManagement, almost half of 30 to 49-year-olds use Instagram, while about a quarter of 50 to 64-year-olds use the platform — and creating profiles for financial advisors on Instagram is quick and easy. This means having a financial advisor on Instagram isn’t a bad idea.

Posting content to Instagram is intuitive, and because the platform is all about visual content, you can use more images and videos to get your message across instead of typical written content. Since Instagram ads are handled by Facebook, the formats used may already be familiar to you and, if not, are easy to understand and use. So if you want to join successful financial advisors on Instagram and engage target audiences like millennials, there’s no reason to not get started today. 

If you want to target new millennial clients, becoming an Instagram financial advisor might be the best way to do it. Join FMG marketing expert Kirk Faulkner as he discusses whether financial advisors should use Instagram to promote their businesses.

8 Tips to Use on Your Financial Advisor Instagram

1. Show, Don’t Tell

Images do a better job of telling a story than any writing can. Instead of simply saying your employees participated in a volunteer effort, why not show a picture of them doing this activity along with a small caption? There’s a reason the saying “show, don’t tell” is quite popular. It’s much more impactful.

2. Use Hashtags The Right Way

Using hashtags on any social media platform essentially helps users find what they’re searching for. The same can be said for Instagram. Using hashtags when tagging your pictures appropriately allows for your company to become a part of the larger conversation. Allowing you to be sure your photos show up in the right place.

Use hashtags that make sense for your company, and make sure that they are specific so they don’t get lost among the other thousands of tags. Don’t be afraid to get funny and witty with your hashtags. Not everything should be serious or even work-related. Using around 5-7 hashtags is the average for best results. Doing so will allow for your image or images to be shown more often, which can potentially turn into more views, likes, and engagement.

Rather than using the most popular hashtags on Instagram, consider smaller hashtags and more niche so that you can connect with a more engaged audience that would be relevant to the niche that you serve within the financial services industry.

It’s also important not to overuse hashtags. While the rule of thumb is around 5-7 a post, going over that can be detrimental. People might notice your hashtag spam and assume you’re just trying to take advantage of the system, which can be off-putting.

3. Create Good Visuals

Instagram is different from other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook because it highlights videos and images. The network was ultimately created for people to share photos, and that’s it. In your case, that means posting good photos is a must to be successful.

Some of the best Instagram accounts not only have great imagery, but they have an underlying theme and tone throughout all of their posts. Whatever you’re particular niche is, try to find an overall theme and apply that to the images you are posting.

As an advisor, we understand that you might not have the design know-how to create compelling images, but that’s okay! There are tons of apps and tools out there that can help you create stunning imagery that will stop scrollers dead in their tracks. At FMG, we use and highly recommend a tool like Canva.

4. Post At The Right Times

Next, you have to consider the timing. All social media have times when it’s best to post. Times when people are most active, so your chances of quality engagement go up. For Instagram, the best time to post are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 am and 1 pm.

5. Consider Hosting A Contest

Instagram contests are widely popular, and hosting one is a fun way to engage your followers and possibly even acquire new followers. Running contests is another way for your firm to get more involved with your followers on Instagram, and interactive participation is a great way to show that there is a “real person” behind the account who wants to connect with others.

6. Use It To Build Positive PR

Companies need to be involved in charitable services, give back to the community, and show how much they are invested in helping others in their local community. Instagram is a great platform to share moments like this that show how your employees are making your community a better place for everyone.

7. Connect With Your Local Community

It is important to support local businesses that are also on Instagram. Your firm does not want to come off as “stuffy,” so it is a good idea to engage with others, as being deeply rooted in your local community can often be a large part of a firm’s brand strategy.

For example, maybe there’s a local shop or restaurant near your office. Consider following them on Instagram, posting a picture of your bounty, and tagging them. You never know – they may return the favor one day!

8. Boost Engagement

Lastly, link your company’s Instagram account with other social channels. This can be used as a way to boost engagement across multiple different social media platforms. It’s like getting multiple jobs done with one single post. Also, be sure to include an Instagram link on your website or other social media to spread the account further.

Instagram is somewhat of uncharted territory for financial advisors, but it is a fun and engaging social media platform. And when used correctly, it can grow the brand of your financial company and help others to connect and engage with your firm on a positive level.

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