Video marketing can be an invaluable asset to financial advisors and service professionals to grow your business and increase investments under management. 

It has been shown that video marketing increases brand awareness by 70%, traffic to websites by 51%, and overall sales and engagement by 34%. A video can produce such beautiful results because it connects with clients and prospects better than any other type of content.

Smartphones contain all of the hardware needed to produce videos that can be used as powerful marketing tools. It’s time to let go of your concerns about product quality if you’ve been hesitant to create videos.

Here are seven ways that you can use video to increase your new business.

1. Use video across multiple channels

One of the great things about video is that you can use it almost anywhere in the Digital Universe. You can link two videos through your email; you can send them out as posts; you can even put them in greeting cards and send them through the mail.

If you have a social media presence, you will post your video on several platforms. Make sure that you’re posting schedule and posting protocol are set out. For example, do you set posts to Facebook and Instagram and link in the same amount? At the same time? Or does each platform have a different Cadence?

2. Use videos as high-value posts 

Marketers are now finding that public sentiment has switched from posting two fewer posts with higher content quality. As a result, video marketing is not as complicated or as time-consuming as you might think. 

This is why we find videos to be so influential on social media. A video that is only a few minutes long can deliver more rich content than a 20-page eBook. Therefore, it is important that videos are well-designed and well-crafted.

3. Connect with your audience through video

Video provides advisors with one of the best ways to connect with their audience at Large on a one-to-one level. So much of our communication is the non-verbal aspect of looking at another person. When clients and prospective clients see your face hear your voice, and get to know YouVideos must be better; they are more likely to trust you with their business. Even a video taken with an iPhone gives your online audience a more intimate view of your life.

 4. Include closed captions

85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off. If you are using your videos for social media posts (which you should be), one way to make your video much more successful is by adding closed captions.

The video description can also include these closed captions in liner notes to help with search engine optimization.

5. Use animated videos as awesome infographics.

However, explaining complicated ideas or changing Market situations is often best communicated through an animated video. For example, watching an infographic in motion can help share complex ideas by making them visual. 

6. Show authenticity and personality

One of the best ways to make your clientele feel more part of a team than by introducing them to your team. Videos that show your office has other members of your team and even your family can make your audience feel like they are part of your extended group. And helps create a tribe and invite your ideal clients into it.

Even a simple video of you talking to the camera can be like a one-on-one conversation between you and a client. This is an excellent chance to establish rapport and build your relationships. 

7. Case studies and testimonials

Recent SEC changes have made it possible for advisers to use testimonials in their marketing. While this ability changes from broker-dealer to broker-dealer, most advisers now have ample opportunity to start using this powerful marketing tactic. 

Videos that showcase a client or present their case study are compelling in that they provide investigators with hypothetical situations they can compare to their own lives. It can also help clients visualize how they can use your services better and engage with you in ways they hadn’t considered before.


Making a video has never been easier, but using it effectively for your marketing still takes some know-how. These 7 best practices will get you off on the right foot.