An optimized and personalized website is the hub of any successful digital marketing campaign, so learning how to build a financial website is a skill every advisor should learn. Websites are great for bringing in prospective clients and giving them a taste of what you offer as an advisor. It’s also a good idea to look for a website builder for financial services, like FMG. Here’s how to create a financial website that will help you build your AUM. 

Create a Personalized Domain Name

Your domain name is essentially your advisory’s identity to your audience. The best domain name should be personalized to help improve search engine rankings, click-through rates, lead generation, and conversions. 

Part art and part science, choosing the right domain name requires considerable thought. Once you’ve invested in an online presence, you don’t want to be stuck with a domain name that doesn’t drive traffic. To learn more about how to pick the perfect domain name for your advisory, check out this handy guide

Choose a Compliance-Friendly Host with Advanced CMS

Once you learn how to build a financial website, there are many hosting platforms for websites, but you need one that is compliance-friendly, reliable, and easy to manage. Use these criteria and research hosting platforms to find the best fit for your online presence.

One of the most critical factors for making the right choice is a host’s content management system (CMS). Your advisory will routinely create and manage content, so it’s essential to make the process as easy as possible. From SEO elements to video to the user experience, hosting your website on a compliance-friendly platform that includes comprehensive content management is a must.

Know Your Niche, and Use It

Financial planning is an industry that offers a broad assortment of services and products, and competition in the industry is fierce. If you want to stand out from your competitors, find your niche. While your advisory can and should provide specific financial services when needed, specializing in a particular area will make lead generation and conversion more manageable.  

Financially savvy prospects don’t want just another advisor — they want a professional who understands their unique needs and financial goals. Whether it’s family planning, portfolio building for millennials, or retirement strategies for medical professionals. Niche financial services will attract a targeted audience that is primed to convert.

Invest in Quality Video Creation

The power of video marketing on your website and other digital platforms is undeniable. You can effectively use stock video on your website, but if you want to connect with your audience, you need to create unique video content. Consider two of the most striking statistics for video marketing:

While FMG can provide professional, compliant, and engaging video content, it’s still important for advisors to invest in creating their own personalized videos. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to pull it off, either. When you create videos that let your audience get to know you and your advisory, you build strong connections with your brand.

Maximize Optimization With SEO

Learning how to create a financial website without understanding SEO is like building a boat without understanding what makes it float. Keywords, internal and external links, fresh content, and other ingredients make sure your marketing efforts are optimized. 

FMG can help you build the SEO foundation necessary to drive more traffic, enhance your social media presence, and stay ahead of your competition. Once your online presence is optimized, we have plenty of tools to help you analyze and fine-tune your SEO to keep your advisory in the limelight.

Create a Gorgeous, Traffic-Driving Website

Your website should reflect the same attention to detail as your office space. It’s your prospects’ first impression – a virtual welcome. FMG’s website builder for financial services can help you make sure it’s a great one.

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