Financial advisor email drip campaigns are a series of emails that you send to your clients and prospects to nurture relationships, soft sell, and drive engagement. They range in duration but are continuous outreach efforts to show your email contacts that you are thinking about them and want to stay in touch.

Financial advisor email drip campaigns are great for independent financial advisors because they help you nurture the relationship of trust that drives your business. As you know, providing valuable educational material is key to gaining respect from your clients and prospects.

Building a Drip Campaign

To get the most out of email marketing for financial advisors, build your drip email campaigns with this proven blueprint: 

What’s Your Purpose?

Marketing campaigns for financial advisors must have an obvious purpose, such as a solution to a problem or outreach to a specific audience. You must have a clear end goal to construct an effective drip email campaign. Your goal will determine triggers, parameters, the number of emails, and your content.

Check Your Distribution Lists

Distribution lists must be segmented to get your message in front of the right audience. From cultivating leads to boosting conversions, segmentation is the key to targeted drip email campaigns.

Outline Your Campaign

Email drip campaigns must have a defined outline, which includes the number of emails, their sending schedule, and the content for each part of the sequence. Keep in mind your email content will have the most success when you use evergreen information. Your goal is to set it and forget it — not reinvent your campaigns each time. 

Examples of Successful Email Drip Campaigns

Here are five of our favorite drip email marketing campaigns for financial advisors for starters:


The introduction email campaign is great for introducing your firm to new contacts that you have in your email list. It is very “top of the funnel” focused and doesn’t necessarily drive sales. Examples of content for this email drip campaign include informational material like email newsletters for financial advisors, introductions to your firm or team members, and other high-level information.

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, send a welcome email immediately. These emails should include information about your advisory services and how they can help benefit this new contact. This email should be followed by 3-4 drip emails to set the tone and let your lead know what to expect moving forward. 


The win-back email campaign is for those clients you might not have reached out to recently and haven’t engaged with your firm in a while. Any successful business knows that it is easier to maintain clients than generate new ones, so this campaign is crucial. Examples of outreach might be updates on changes at your firm, topical material clients may find interesting, or just a simple checkin to see how everything is going.


Drip email campaigns don’t always have to target the largest audience. A niche email campaign can position your advisory as a valuable resource for specific markets. It may seem that focusing on a niche would exclude potential clients and decrease your assets under management (AUM), but it’s just not true. Niche marketing helps set your advisory apart by offering a unique value proposition. 

When you focus on a particular niche, you can generate more leads and referrals. Your advisory can even focus on multiple niches, like veterans near retirement age or young professionals. When you promote niches using drip email campaigns, you can appeal to a range of subsets in your target market.


When virtual engagement has become the norm, an email drip campaign can help you promote financial planning webinars. Your campaign can generate interest to boost attendance and help increase conversions long after the webinar is over. Here’s what a webinar promotion campaign using drip emails would look like:

Your first email would be a pre-launch introductory email. Next, you’ll send a registration email, then a webinar invitation reminder. Once your recipients sign up, they receive an autoresponder email confirming their registration, then a webinar reminder email. Finally, you’ll send a follow-up email with a webinar recording and a post-webinar survey.   


Lastly, the milestone email campaign is perfect for financial advisors who serve clients going through life changes. Whether your client is close to retirement, going through a divorce, or sending their children back to college, this type of drip campaign is a great way to use that life change to stay in touch.

Engaging clients at important times in their lives not only gives you a chance to connect on a personal level but also provides a golden opportunity to remind clients of your value. By reaffirming your advisory’s benefits, you help build loyalty, stronger relationships, and referrals. 

Authentic and Timely Communication Made Easy

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