Email drip campaigns are series of emails that you send to your clients and prospects to nurture relationships, soft sell, and drive engagement. They range in duration, but are continuous outreach efforts to show your email contacts that you are thinking about them and want to stay in touch.


Email drip campaigns are great for independent financial advisors because they help you nurture the relationship of trust that drives your business. As you know, providing valuable, educational material is key to gaining respect from your clients and prospects. Three of our favorite email campaigns for financial advisors is the basic, getting-to-know-you campaign, the win-back campaign, and email campaigns that center around important life milestones.

  • The introduction email campaign is great for introducing your firm to new contacts that you have in your email list. It is very “top of the funnel” focused and doesn’t necessarily drive sales. Examples of content for this email drip campaign include informational material, introductions to your firm or team members, and other high-level information.
  • The win-back email campaign is for those clients that you might not have reached out to recently and haven’t engaged with your firm in a while. Any successful business knows that it is easier to maintain clients than generate new ones, so this campaign is crucial. Examples of outreach might be updates on any changes at your firm, topical material they may find interesting, or just a simple check in to see how everything is going.
  • Lastly, the milestone email campaign is perfect for financial advisors who serve clients going through life changes. Whether your client is close to retirement, going through a divorce, or sending their children back to college, this type of drip campaign is a great way to use that life change to stay in touch.

Email drip campaigns show that you are thinking about your clients and want to educate them and nurture the relationship you have.