2022 has been a wild year, but with all the things that have happened, it’s hard not to look back at it with wonder. From NASA looking at distant galaxies to England giving beavers legal protection. In addition to that, FMG has its Fall 2022 Showcase Roundup to highlight our lovely clients who were kind enough to give us their time and attention.

We want to use this time to highlight our fall advisor showcases and the delightful clients who worked with us to create them. In addition to that, we want to highlight clients we haven’t showcased yet but share similarities to those we have. We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

New Lantern Advisors

Being an independent investment management firm can be a daunting task for a financial advisor if they’re not up to the job, but at New Lantern Advisors that isn’t a concern. Stationed in Saratoga Springs, New York, New Lantern Advisors has Michael Allison, as both founder and CEO. A self-proclaimed “non-suit” which we’re eager to agree with and that shows on the site.

As stated in the original showcase, “The second you open the New Lantern Advisors website, you’re instantly drawn in with a unique and interesting animated set of videos along with a CTA. They let you know what they’re all about at New Lantern the second you click the site; Embracing Your Retirement. One of the best homepage features is the interactive quiz which “Tests Your Investing IQ.” In this case, the quiz asks for both your name and email. Without a doubt leading to a subtle way to entice visitors into signing up for email communication.”

The New Lantern Advisors site is welcoming and you can tell they really care about the people they serve. Backed by years of experience, expect top-quality results and customer service. With a great website that is the perfect vehicle to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Iron Legacy Wealth Advisors 

Iron Legacy is located in Birmingham, Alabama and its site shares a lot of similarities with New Lantern. First, the site design is simple which makes navigation a breeze and allows visitors to find whatever they may need. Whether it’s information on Iron Legacy’s services or their team. Fear not, you’ll find it within just a couple of clicks.

Another fine addition that the Iron Legacy site holds is its blog which is pretty regularly updated with new updates, information, and insights about the finance market. Along with their blog, Iron Legacy hosts a nice selection of resources that’ll help you learn about insurance, retirement, and much more.

Even more interesting is the similarity in professional experience between both advisory’s founders. Both have over 30 years in the industry and are ready to share their skills with you.

WizdomOne Group

Next, we have WizdomOne Group whose website takes aesthetics to the next level. If you’ve ever heard the saying “a sight for sore eyes,” the WizdomOne site was made for it. Located in lovely Melville, New York, the WizdomOne site is the right mix of usability and looks which combine to create an experience that any client will enjoy.

A look back at the original showcase will show our sentiments haven’t changed. “It’s easy to see that a lot of thought and effort went into designing and creating the WizdomOne site. From having a clean and elegant design to the ease-of-use. The website does a wonderful job highlighting the firm’s expertise and attention to detail.” The site still impresses us with how thought out every detail is. Navigation is a dream and pages are within a few clicks.

In fact, don’t just take it from us. A short trip to Google shows us that WizdomOne has some real fans. One of their reviews stated “If you’re bothering to read this review, then like me, you care enough to patronize only the most professional team out there. Brian Eskin is not only polite, professional, and caring, he actually picks up the phone when you call!!” Another saying “A really great company to work with, Gregg is extremely personable and truly cares. Highly recommend.” Gregg is a managing partner and founder, so I think that review says a lot.

Flatrock Wealth Partners

Flatrock takes strives to make sure its site is both beautiful and functional. Much like WizdomOne who takes their aesthetic to another level. Flatrock Wealth Partners are located in Newport Beach, California, and are happy to show off their love of nature. Their site takes simple landscape photos and slips them right into their pages without skipping a beat.

Visitors are welcome to the site with an animation of relaxing waves crashing upon none other than a flat rock. Contained within that is a CTA that pushes you to learn more about how to fund the passions that matter most in your life. What really adds to that feeling is that when navigating the pages are named “Your” which adds to the personal feeling. Their services are made for you and are there to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

With a whole team of professionals that are ready to help you fund your passions, what are you waiting for?

Money Maven Financial

Money Maven Financial is our newest showcase but is also one of our most unique ones. Stationed in Bellingham, Washington, the site shows off from both a website perspective and a business one as well. As anyone who visits the site will immediately notice, the style and design are off the charts for this site. The colors are clean and warm and really welcome you to the website.

We apparently still can’t get over the elegant design of the site because our original showcases also ogle it. Stating that “Anyone could tell that a lot of thought and effort went into designing and creating the Money Maven site. Using a clean and elegant design for great ease of use. The website does a wonderful job highlighting the firm’s goals and wants for its clientele.” When a site does such a good job showing off what it does best, it’s hard not to show it off.

Along with the site design, Money Maven is unique in how it’s fully run by an all-female advisor team which isn’t extremely common in the financial industry. Makes it that much more impressive that they’re able to provide quality services that rival their competitors. And according to their reviews, they’re “A consummate professional :)” with a smiley face.

Makers Wealth Management

Following our last all-women advisory firm, we now present Makers Wealth Management. Located in San Antonio, Texas, Makers Wealth Management “Believes that everyone who does something worth doing has a team behind them.” These are the leading words that push them to achieve and help their clients reach their goals.

The Makers website is honestly designed wonderfully. The full-screen duo image really sets the tone for the firm. Two confident professional women (and their team) are here to make your financial goals happen and nothing is going to stop them. Their website will help ensure that too, as it has great navigation with everything page being only one click away. No convoluted multi-clicking, just one and done.

The site lets visitors know that when you choose Makers Wealth Management, you’re in good hands.

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