Financial advisors always search for new ways to enhance their content and increase their outreach. This can be done by introducing new types of content or finding additional ways to engage with their audience. In recent years, blogs and videos have become commonplace. Blogs allow advisors to create short-form informational writing pieces, while videos are more engaging and entertaining. But there’s another content type that has been steadily rising: podcasts. In fact, in 2024, it’s said that there will be 509 million podcast listeners globally, with over 100 million active listeners a week in the U.S. alone.

It’s easy to see why advisors are taking to podcasts. They’re relatively easy to make and allow for discussions and debates about the industry, current events, and more. In fact, more and more advisors are starting to host podcasts with other advisors. It’s a phenomenon and a smart one at that. That’s why we’ll be showcasing our best advisor websites with podcasts.

Best Financial Advisor Websites with Podcasts

Here are some of our top financial advisor websites that have podcasts. We’ll take a look at how they promote their podcast, integrate it into their website, the impact it may have on the site, and more.

1. Preferred Financial Group – “Wealthy HOMES” Podcast

Mostly focusing on helping Michigan families manage their finances and create wealth, Preferred Financial Group has set a consistent schedule for creating their podcast, but they’ve made it accessible to everyone. Most podcasts might be on one or two different platforms, but the Wealthy HOMES podcast is on five. This ensures that no matter what type of phone you use or whatever type of computer you have, you’ll be able to tune in and enjoy their podcast.

Additionally, the podcast has its section on their navigational tab so finding it is a cinch for any site visitors. Like guest speakers? Well, Wealthy HOMES has you covered because as they bring in the occasional guest to join them for more niche topics, so you’re getting both sides of the coin.

2. Yeomans Consulting Group – “Coffee with Your Retirement Coach” Podcast

Coffee with Your Retirement Coach is a relatively new podcast that the Yeomans Consulting Group has taken up. It’s a bi-weekly podcast that delves into the intricate world of financial wealth management. Covering everything from investment strategy to retirement planning and more. Much like Wealthy HOMES, the podcast can be easily found on the Yeomans’ website within the navigational tab, so website visitors will have no trouble reaching it. Currently hosted on its own website, the podcast can be found here and on Spotify.

Taking a more entertainment-centered approach, this podcast is more for people who just enjoy listening to experts in their field discuss convoluted topics while sipping some hot coffee. As for guests, we’ll have to see in the coming months as more episodes are released, but it’s sure to be a good listen.

3. Wilde Wealth Management Group – “The Wilde Wealth Way” Podcast

The Wilde Wealth Way podcast takes a different approach than the previous two, opting to do a video-based podcast. For that reason, it’s posted on both their website and YouTube. This podcast has had its fair share of guests, with many episodes featuring experts. Each of these experts was within their niche and added their spin and take on certain topics, creating more nuanced podcast discussions. Like every other podcast so far, the website proudly displays it within the navigation bar for all to find.

Unlike many financial advisor podcasts, the atmosphere is much more casual, and you can tell the people on each episode enjoy their conversations. The Wilde Wealth Way podcast is a great website addition and makes it easy for clients and prospects to get more insight into financial topics and Wilde Wealth Management itself.

4. Pines Wealth Management – “Emotional Wealth” Podcast

Next, we have the Emotional Wealth podcast presented by Pines Wealth Management. Hosted by Lon W. Broske, the podcast broaches the current financial climate and topics that Lon wishes to give his opinions on. Everything from stock market performance to general financial education and tips. The Emotional Podcast is the most accessible on this list, as it is available on a whopping 20 different platforms (21 if you include the website). No matter where or how you’re turning in, you’re more than likely going to be able to listen to this podcast. Even better, the website has done a great job of implementing the podcast with its own embedded player. Which is no shock because it’s advertised right in the navigation bar.

The Emotional Podcast episodes are short excerpts of thoughts and opinions from Lon. He shares them through his podcast but is always happy to take suggestions on topics the listeners might be interested in. It’s a one-man show, but Lon is always enthusiastic about his topics and seems to enjoy making the episodes. It’s a great podcast that’s implemented even better into the Pines Wealth Management Website.

5. TechGirl Financial – “The TechGirl Financial” Podcast

Lastly, we have the TechGirl Financial podcast presented by none other than TechGirl Financial. Designed for people working in technology, the podcast provides financial planning and wealth management insight. Available on multiple platforms and also professionally embedded onto the TechGirl website, the podcast is accessible to all site visitors. The podcast also has a dedicated button on the navigation bar, so site visitors won’t have to look long to find it. TechGirl Financial boasts the most podcast episodes among the ones on this list.

It’s easy to see how much pride TechGirl Financial takes in their podcast, and they are happy to advertise and share it with the world. They enjoy inviting interesting people to their podcasts to broaden their discussions and bring in new thoughts and ideas. The podcasts also explore topics that are more entertaining, such as What-ifs and celebrating milestones. All in all, if you’re looking for an interesting podcast that’s easy to access, has a lot of episodes, and is entertaining, The TechGirl Financial podcast is a great choice.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, advisors are starting to adapt podcasts to their websites and marketing efforts. Allowing them to create content that can be shared on multiple platforms and accessible to almost everyone. Podcasts allow advisors to take a more casual approach to industry topics where they’re free to discuss their opinions and invite guests. Remember, when adding podcasts to your website, be sure to follow the examples of the 5 sites above by using multiple platforms, making your podcast easy to find, and using interesting titles and topics to attract listeners.

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