Launching a website is always exciting as we see the fruits of a financial advisor’s hard work. No site is the same, making these blog posts so much fun to write as we get to experience so many different styles of sites. While it was hard to narrow it down, these ten sites really stood out and wowed us.

10 of the Best Advisor Websites

1. Conversion Financial Services

Based out of St Louis, Missouri, Conversion Financial Services takes advantage of the FMG website engine to create a sleek site with everything you’d expect from the modern websites of today. Unlike many financial advisor sites, Conversion isn’t scared to lean into the best that modern-day websites offer.

One of the highlights of the site is located right on the homepage, being the “How Can We Help You” section. Supplying visitors with a list of the services that they believe are the most important along with a link to their blog. They ensure that your navigation through their site is easy and efficient, making sure you don’t waste a single click. The site has been created for the client first, making everything as simple as possible. From getting in contact to learning more about the services offered.

2. Hines Wealth Management

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the Hines Wealth Management team has put in the work to ensure that any site visitors can easily get ahold of them. Quickly supplying visitors and clients with social media, phone numbers, and emails. Talking with Hines Wealth Management will never be an issue for those curious about this financial advisor.

In addition to that, the site offers page after page of insightful and helpful information pertaining to all their services and how they can help you. Hines Wealth doesn’t skimp out on any information making figuring out what you need as a client easy as pie.

3. G.S. Woods Wealth Management

When it comes to intuitive and quick website navigation, G.S Woods Wealth Management out of Petersburg, Pennsylvania gets it right. While some sites like to offer an abundance of pages to choose from, G.S. Wealth makes it easy for visitors. Each page was crafted with the intent to ensure that what you click for is exactly what you get, there’s no confusion allowed on this site.

But the site offers a lot more than just great navigation, from a resource page that will answer all your burning questions to a services page that will let you know about the exceptional services you will receive. Each page offers a variety of links that are sure to convince you are in good hands when you work with G.S. Woods and their expertise.

4. Allen Financial

Allen Financial takes the straightforward approach of giving visitors everything they might possibly need on the first page. Based in Grinnel, Iowa, Allen Financial is one of the simplest sites so far, but that is far from a bad thing. Personally, I think the homepage is one of the best so far in regards to information and getting in contact. Including helpful CTAs, introductions to who you’d be working with along with their contacts, and an email form. With their site, it would be almost impossible to not get in contact with the great people at Allen Financial.

Another highlight of the site is a very useful tool page with everything from glossary terms to a collection of calculators. Here, you will be able to learn about financial lingo, see what can help you in upcoming tax seasons, and find out how to calculate everything from retirement savings to paying off credit cards.

5. Locklin Financial

Do you love nature? Well so does Locklin Financial located in Temecula, California. Their site isn’t shy about showing off their appreciation of nature’s beauty with mountain vistas and a green thumb color scheme. Even their CTA builds on the outdoorsy theme with the tagline “Protect. Grow. Enjoy.” Want to know more about who you’ll be working with? No problem, each advisor has a short summary about who they are and what they do, along with the best ways to contact them.

The site offers a plethora of services in investments, financial planning, and insurance. Even better, their resources page is exceptionally filled out for those who want to learn more about everything from estate management to lifestyle balancing. When visiting the Locklin Financial site, be sure to check it out.

6. Harris Private Wealth

Harris Private Wealth instantly hits you with a wonderful line upon entering the site; “Live Life Your Way. You’ve Earned It.” Located in San Jose, California, Harris Private Wealth focuses on people living their life. Whether you’re just starting out or embarking on your life 2.0, they combine investment advice, risk management, and financial planning into one great website. A sleek website design with effortless navigation really gives the site a sophisticated feel. The website color scheme gives off a calming feeling and helps any visitor feel relaxed while they search for the services they need.

Most of the site is impressive, but one section really stands out; the Meet the Team page. When Harris mentions meeting the team, they really mean meeting the team with each member of the company having a detailed summary of who they are and what they can do for you. It’s not like most sites where it’s a short little snippet, they want you to feel extremely comfortable with whoever you meet so they can provide the best service possible.

7. Planning for Good/Kristen Heller

Looking for a website with a personal touch? Look no further, Planning for Good with Kristen Heller is based in Mansfield, Massachusetts is about as personable as it gets. The moment you enter the site you are greeted by Kristen Heller the lead financial advisor at Planning for Good. The site conveys a lot in a few words, the main CTA on the homepage is straight to the point and pushes visitors to start a conversation. The important pages of the site are easily accessible from the homepage ensuring no one has any trouble locating their desired information.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the Financial Planning page. It’s presented in a looping cycle with 8 steps along with a description of what each of those processes entails. I think it’s great when sites provide graphics to explain how an advisor does their work. Words are great, but images can help solidify and make it so that clients completely understand the process and block any confusion.

8. Wizdom1

Wizdom1 based in Malville, New York is another shining example of a modern website done right. Once the link to the site is clicked, visitors are greeted by a lovely showcase of people working hard for their financial future, a great CTA, and easy access to contact channels (including social media, email, and phone numbers). With quick navigation, it would be pretty hard to get lost on the Wizdom1 site, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of content. There’s plenty of information to sink your teeth into whether you want to learn about Wizdom1’s services, guides crafted by them, or just read up on their blogs.

Speaking of blogs, Wizdom1 has a great selection of small blogs that provide the perfect amount of information. Consistently updated, the blogs host short snippets of information that site visitors might find extremely valuable. With articles on weekly market insights, interesting interest rate information, and much more. It’s not hard to see why this site is one of the best this spring.

9. Lifewater Wealth Management

Need a place to relax? Lifewater Wealth Management based in Atlanta, Georgia is just the advisor site for you. With a calming sea design scheme, you are sure to find a place to catch your breath on this website. Making great use of a single scrolling homepage, Lifewater is able to fit in information people want to know within seconds of opening a site. Including the services they offer, their process (presented in a lovely graphic), and who they are. No need to leave for another tab or page makes the site extremely accessible for everyone, even those who aren’t tech-savvy.

A great design this site makes use of is its expanding services section. 3 main categories included are financial planning, advisory services, and investment management but each selection holds its own subset list. Seeing financial advisors making use of the space of their website to guarantee that things don’t feel cluttered is great. Every website should make use of this style of organization because it feels very sleek and stylish.

10. MSA Financial

This site seems to have it all, a beautiful welcoming video of panning lighthouse island, great site navigation, an introduction to their services and team, and all on one scrolling page. What really makes this site stand out is the use of both a single scrolling homepage and separate pages that include detailed information. It has something for everyone all wrapped up in a nicely designed package. When people say you can’t be stylish and efficient, just show them this site to prove them wrong.

What really shines on this site is the “Our Planning Approach” page which sets the stage for their services. On this page, visitors are able to see the cycle in which MSA takes goals, develops a plan, and then acts on said plan. Click the “Start Building Your Plan” button and you’ll be shown what each step of the process entails. Making this a great place to start to see if MSA Financial offers the services that you need.

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