Service attachment for FMG Suite Elevate

September 2021

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized terms will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.  This Service Attachment governs your subscription to FMG Suite’s Elevate. 

1. Definitions. 

  1. FMG Suite Dashboard” means the hub you will use to make changes to your Website and utilize our marketing tools. 
  2. Elevate Check List” means our checklist you can use to help ensure you are getting the most out of your service as described at
  3. Elevate Marketing Strategist” means the FMG Suite agent who will oversee, direct, create, assist and coach you through the Elevate marketing service. Think of this person as your partner and primary point of contact for all things with FMG Suite. When in doubt of who to reach out to, contact your Elevate Marketing Strategist and you will receive the assistance you need.
  4. Website Specialist” means a website specialist who will oversee your Website design as part of the Elevate service.
  5. Elevate Marketing Assistant” means the FMG Suite agent who will assist you and your Elevate Marketing Strategist in executing marketing strategies as outlined by our Elevate Assist Services
  6. Designers” means the FMG Suite agents who will create and design any brand, logo, and print materials you may order as addons to your Elevate service. Some Design Services shall incur an additional fee.
  7. Copywriters” means the FMG Suite agents or 3rd party contractors that FMG Suite partners with to create and deliver copy for your website, custom social posts, custom emails, etc. that you may order as addons to your Elevate service. Some Copywriting Services shall incur an additional fee.
  8. Domain Specialist” means the FMG Suite agents that will assist you with your domain to ensure it is properly configured when you are ready for your FMG Suite website to go live.
  9. Search Engine Marketing Specialist” means the FMG Suite Search Engine Marketing Specialist who will assist you and your Elevate Marketing Strategist in setting up, creating, designing, and launching your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaign. This person will also perform the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis and optimization of your website. Some PPC Services shall incur an additional fee as indicated in the applicable service attachment
  10. Shared Space” means the living document that your Elevate Marketing Strategist will share with you which contains information related to your firm, brand, and marketing strategy including a marketing calendar which we will be assisting you with as part of the Elevate service. This will be your go to document for visibility into what your Elevate marketing strategy will be.
  11. Elevate” means the marketing services as described at
  12. Platinum Coaching” means the coaching services as described at which is  part of the Elevate service for the initial twelve (12) months. After the initial twelve (12) months, to continue the Platinum Coaching service, there will be a $1,200 add-on fee for each continued twelve (12) month period. 
  13. SEO Foundations” means the one time SEO analysis and optimization performed as part of your Elevate service.
  14. PPC Brand” means the ongoing management of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service that is part of your Elevate service and subject to the terms of its service attachment. The actual ad spend within Google will be your responsibility to pay directly to Google, Bing, Facebook, or other ad platforms.
  15. Elevate Webinars: means the monthly exclusive webinars provided for our Elevate customers. These webinars are focused on a curriculum of marketing strategies that will help you improve and increase your reach and referability as a service professional. 

2. Process. Your Elevate Service will start upon your payment for the service. You will have an Elevate Marketing Strategist as your primary point of contact who will assist you with your Elevate services throughout the time you are an active Elevate customer. The Elevate service is an ongoing service that will assist you in marketing strategies and assist you in leveraging the marketing tools within the FMG Suite Dashboard to their fullest over the timeframe as described by your order. Within the first twelve (12) months of your Elevate service you will have a monthly marketing strategy call combined with a marketing coaching call. After the first twelve (12) months of your Elevate service, your marketing strategy calls will move to a quarterly basis. You will still receive access to the exclusive monthly Elevate Webinars. If you desire to continue receiving monthly Coaching calls, you will be required to renew the Coaching service at a rate of $1,200 annually. The onboarding portion of your Elevate service is a process that typically takes place over a series of calls for ninety (90) to a hundred twenty (120) days as follows:

  • Discovery Call: Your Elevate Marketing Strategist will outline the Elevate service and the FMG Suite team who will be part of assisting you in your marketing efforts. This call will initiate the setup and continued creation of your Shared Space, including marketing plan and calendar.
  • Branding Analysis: We will conduct a branding analysis of your existing materials, and may recommend ideas for your logo, collateral, and website theme, or the refreshing of these materials.
  • Website Build: Your Website design portion of your Elevate service will be described within the service attachment related to the type of design service you ordered with your Elevate service (for Concierge, click here, for Exclusive, click here, and for Express, click here
  • SEO Foundations: Your assigned Search Engine Marketing Specialist conducts an introductory SEO analysis of your new website, which includes insights, SEO recommendations, and on-site optimizations.
  • Copywriting: Our professional copywriters take the recommendations from your SEO Specialist and write original, SEO-friendly copy for new product/service pages on your website. Copywriting services are conducted pursuant to the terms of its applicable service attachment.
  • Launching your new Website: Once your website design is complete and approved by compliance, your Website Specialist works with you and our domain team to take your site live.
  • Marketing Plan: Your Elevate Marketing Strategist works with you to create your 12-month personalized marketing plan.
  • Elevate Marketing Optimization: Your Elevate Marketing Strategist works with you to upload your contacts and optimize your FMG Suite marketing campaigns and tools.
  • PPC Advertising: Our PPC team will strategize and create your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns that may span search and social to grow your business. Additional levels of PPC advertising are available at additional cost. Speak with your Elevate Marketing Strategist for details. The PPC Service is conducted pursuant to the terms of its applicable service attachment.
  • Elevate Assist Services: Throughout this onboarding process, and on through the months and years of your Elevate service, we will ensure you know about and leverage our Elevate Assist services. We will assist you in your marketing efforts through these Elevate Assists,  establish action items, and tackle any relevant tasks. You will have the option to opt in to the automated social post feature. In the event that you select this option, the social posts will be automatically posted on your behalf and you will not have the opportunity to approve content before it is sent/posted. In the event that you wish to cancel this automated feature, you must email your Elevate Marketing Strategist and request its cancellation.  

3. Your Responsibilities. You play an important role in helping us deliver a successful process.  You will be expected to follow our schedule and process as outlined by your Elevate Marketing Strategist. You will be expected to provide requested information (including, but not limited to content, images, feedback, applicable domain names, firm information and other information that will help us outline a successful marketing plan) in a timely manner, and monitor the compliance process.  Your failure to provide timely feedback when requested may result in delays and subject you to additional charges.  We will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from your failure to abide by the terms herein.  

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